Source Information

Borden, Ann, comp.. Essex, Union, Hudson Counties New Jersey 1859 Directory [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2001.
Original data: 1859 Business Directory for Essex, Hudson, & Union Counties, New Jersey. Toms River, NJ, USA: 1859. Bishop Library, Ocean County Public Library.

About Essex, Union, Hudson Counties New Jersey 1859 Directory

Hudson, Essex and Union Counties form somewhat of a triangle on the northeast corner of New Jersey's coastline. This database contains the names of over 8,000 individuals and businesses with as much detail as possible from the original directory, including business locations in New York. Aside from listing the individual's title, employer and business location, it also includes social and civic affiliations for many of the individuals already listed. It is sure to give researchers better insight into the lives of our ancestors during that part of the 19th century.

An asterisk was used for letters that were undecipherable, use an asterisk as your search if you can't locate a name. Many of the records were listed in the directory using various abbreviations. One example is the name DeWitt, it was also listed as D'witt and De Witt. You may find more detail by searching on the Business name or location once you have located an individual's name.