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Tonks, Jenny, comp. Palermo, Sicily, Italy, Birth Records Index, 1876-1885 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2001.
Original data: Located in the public records office of Palermo and Messina. Public records office, Sicily, Italy 1876-85.

About Palermo, Sicily, Italy, Birth Records Index, 1876-1885

More than 80 percent of Italian Americans can be traced back to the Sicily Region. Palermo, as the largest of Sicily's port cities, is one of the best sources of information for Italian American researchers. In Palermo's state archive, thousands of vital records have been preserved by the Italian government. These records contain the names of thousands of Palermo's inhabitants, as well as others who came to the city to sail to America. An index was created of these records by Italy's government, but that index was arranged alphabetically by the husband's surname. This database allows researchers to search Palermo's birth records (1876-85) more thoroughly; one can search either by the father's surname, or the mother's. Note: the abbreviations "uff 1" and "uff 2" refer to the civil registration offices in Palermo, "office #1" and "office #2." Also available through the FHL, film # 1350813. This is Parts 1-3 of the database; it has search results for surnames beginning with the letter A-Br only.