Source Information Iosco County, Michigan, Iosco County Gazette Index, 1900-1910 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2001.
Original data: Huron Shores Genealogical Society, comp. Index to the Iosco County Michigan Gazette (Biographic): 1900-09. Oscoda, MI, USA: Huron Shores Genealogical Society, 1996.

About Iosco County, Michigan, Iosco County Gazette Index, 1900-1910

The Iosco County Gazette was published in Tawas City, Michigan from 1868 through 1947. Tawas City is the county seat of Iosco County. In total only about 62 percent of the issues originally published still remain. This database consists of an index arranged in ten-year increments. All births, marriages, divorces, and deaths were indexed. Also included is any reference to a person's hometown, relative, or any reference to a person's move. The only other articles of substance such as anniversaries, serious illness or injury, major accomplishments, etc. are indexed. Researchers will find the name of the individual, the event, the newspaper date, and any applicable military code.

Abbreviations are as Follows:
card=a thank you card, usually following a funeral
death=death, funeral and probate notices
move=move into or out of Iosco County, or reference to a hometown
misc=events other than those coded here
obit=obituary (contains family information

Military Codes:
CW=Civil War
Kor=Korean War
Mil=Military Service, unspecified
USAF=US Air Force
USCG=US Coast Guard
USMC=US Marine Corps
WW-1=World War I
WW-2=World War II

Copies of articles and copies of this index are available through the Huron Shores Genealogical Society, c/o Robert J. Parks Public Library, 6010 N. Skeel Avenue, Oscoda, MI 48750.