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Royal, Karen, comp. U.S., Military: Great White Fleet (Atlantic Fleet bound for the Pacific, 16 December 1907) [database on-line]. Lehi, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2000.
Original data: Government of Canada. Men on Board Ships of the Atlantic Fleet, Bound for the Pacific, 16 December 1907. Washington, D.C.: Department of Defense, 1907.

About U.S., Military: Great White Fleet (Atlantic Fleet bound for the Pacific, 16 December 1907)

Great White Fleet—When the Atlantic Fleet sailed from Hampton Roads, VA on 16 16 December 1907, it was a worldwide goodwill mission by President Theodore Roosevelt. The fleet consisted of sixteen new battleships painted white, with gilded scrollwork on their bows, six destroyers, and several auxiliary ships. This was likely the last large fleet to sail around the Horn before the completion of the Panama Canal in 1914.

This database lists the names of the men who were on those ships as they sailed in review past President Roosevelt on that December day in 1907. Each record lists the last name, initials, and ship name, thus providing a link to many of the men who served the U. S. Navy in peacetime.

Honoring requests from family members who wished to serve on the same ships has long been a tradition in the Navy. It is likely that included in the crews were many brothers, fathers, sons, uncles, and nephews.


  • USS Alabama - Captain Ten Eyck DeW. Veeder
  • USS Connecticut - Captain Hugo Osterhaus
  • USS Georgia - Captain Henry McCrea
  • USS Illinois - Captain John M. Bowyer
  • USS Kansas - Captain Charles E. Vreeland
  • USS Kearsarge - Captain Hamilton Hutchins
  • USS Kentucky - Captain Walter C. Cowles
  • USS Louisiana - Captain Richard Wainwright
  • USS Maine - Captain Giles B. Harber
  • USS Minnesota - Captain John Hubbard
  • USS Missouri - Captain Greenlief A. Merriam
  • USS New Jersey - Captain William H. H. Southerland
  • USS Ohio - Captain Charles W. Bartlett
  • USS Rhode Island - Captain Joseph B. Murdock
  • USS Vermont - Captain William P. Potter
  • USS Virginia - Captain Seaton Schroeder

    Fleet Auxiliaries:

  • USS Culgoa (storeship) - Lt. Commander John B. Patton
  • USS Glacier (storeship) - Commander William S. Hogg
  • USS Panther (repair ship) - Commander Valentine S. Nelson
  • USS Yankton (tender/scooner) - Lt. Walter R. Gherardi

    Torpedo Flotilla of Destroyers:

  • Arethusa - (tender) - Commander Albert W. Grant
  • Hopkins - Lt. Alfred G. Howe
  • Hull - Lt. Frank McCommon
  • Lawrence - Lt. Ernest Friedrick
  • Stewart - Lt. Julius F. Hellweg
  • Truxton - Lt. Charles S. Kerrick
  • Whipple - Lt. Hutch I. Cone