Source Information Person County, North Carolina Compilations, 1792-1823 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2006.
Original data: Kendall, Katharine Kerr. Person County, North Carolina Compilations: Land Grants; 1794, 1805 & 1823 Tax Lists; Record Books Abstracts, 1792-1820; Letters of Attorney. Baltimore, MD, USA: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1997.

About Person County, North Carolina Compilations, 1792-1823

For this volume of Person County genealogy, Mrs. Kendall and her sister, Mrs. Donaldson, have abstracted a number of rich and varied record collections touching on no less than 6,000 persons. The three tax lists, which are arranged by district or militia company, give the taxpayer's name, the number of acres taxed, and the number of white and black polls on his property. References in the record book abstracts, the largest component of the volume, include estate sales, suits, transfers of land, inventories of estates, apprenticeship records, abstracts of wills, powers of attorney, additional tax lists, and more. The letters of attorney give the names of the persons involved in the transfer of power of attorney, while the land grants identify the grantee, number of acres granted, date the grant was entered, and geographic location.