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Wildcards are special symbols which are used in place of letters or numbers. They can be used to match distinct but similar words. An asterisk "*" replaces zero or more characters, and a question mark "?" replaces exactly one character. For example, a search for "fran*" will return matches on words like "Fran," "Franny," or "Frank." A search for "Johns?n" matches "Johnson" and "Johnsen," but not "Johnston."

Here are some suggestions on how you can better use wildcards to complete your search:
  • Use more characters before the wildcard.
    For example, use "Able*" instead of "Abl*"
  • Specify both a first and last name or a partial first and last name.
  • Try using the single-character wildcard "?" rather than the multiple-character wildcard "*".
    For example, using "Hans?n" matches both "Hansen" and "Hanson" rather than using "Hans*"
  • Either the first or last character must be a non-wildcard character.
    For example, "Han*" and "*son" are okay, but not "*anso*"
  • Names must contain at least three non-wildcard characters.
    For example, "Ha*n" is okay, but not "Ha*"

Please try your search again.

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