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Walsh, James, ed. Burleson Family Association Bulletin Name Index [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2000.
Original data: This index was created from the first seventeen volumes of the Burleson Family Bulletin.

About Burleson Family Association Bulletin Name Index

The Burleson family traces its ancestral roots in America to the 1600s, when Edward Burleson was an early Puritan settler in Suffield, Connecticut. Another Burleson, Aaron, who is believed to have been Edward's brother, arrived in the Southern States about 1726 and settled in North Carolina. From these early footholds in the American Colonies, the family grew and spread across the continent, writing its story in the rich heritage of British North American and the United States. This database is a name index for the first seventeen volumes of the Burleson Family Bulletin, published quarterly since 1981. It contains over seventy thousand names, and includes additional reference information on those persons in the Bulletin such as citing volume and/or page numbers. Copies of the Burleson Family Bulletin can be ordered directly from the Burleson Family Association, or viewed at many libraries (a list of these will be provided by the Association upon request). With an estimated number of descendents in the hundreds of thousands from these two patriarchs, this index can be of help to many researchers.

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