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Graden, Debra. Leavenworth County, Kansas Tax Payers, 1900-1920 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 1999.

About Leavenworth County, Kansas Tax Payers, 1900-1920

One of the original counties in Kansas, Leavenworth was home to about 40,000 people in 1900. Compiled from a variety of sources, this database is a list of taxpayers from the county between 1900 and 1920. Researchers will find the name of taxpayer, post office where they received mail, and the year they paid the tax. Providing the names of nearly 19,000 taxpayers, this database can be an illuminating collection for those seeking information regarding ancestors from eastern Kansas.

The sources the information used in compiling this database include Leavenworth 1900-01 City Directory, Leavenworth 1909 City Directory, Hoyes' 1903 Directory, Hoyes' 1905-6 Directory, Hoyes' 1907-8 Directory, Pages' 1917-18 Directory, Pages' 1919-20 Directory, R. L. Polk's 1911-12 Directory, R. L. Polk's 1913-14 Directory, R. L. Polk's 1915-16 Directory. regrets to inform you that Debra Graden passed away unexpectedly. Photocopies of the original data will no longer be available upon request. We are grateful to Debra for the long hours she contributed to making her databases such useful resources to so many people.