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Dalby, John. Minnesota County History Name Index [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 1999.
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About Minnesota County History Name Index

Throughout the state's storied history, the majority of Minnesota's residents have lived in the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area. This database is a name index of eleven county histories and plat books for the area immediately south of St. Paul. Researchers will find the name of county resident, the book in which the person's name appears, and the page number. Where information is available, town of residence is also given. Compiled by John Dalby and listing almost 300,000 persons, this is a valuable addition to the online library.

Dakota, Dodge, Goodhue, Le Sueur, Olmsted, Rice, Steele, and Winona counties are covered in this collection.

Following is a list of the books covered in this index:

    • Chisago County Plat, 1888. Minneapolis: C. M. Foote and Company, 1888.
    • Dakota County Plat, 1896. B.F. Pinkney of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Philadelphia: Union, 1896.
    • Dodge County Plat, 1905. Publication information unknown.
    • Early Pioneers & Indians, 1959. Berg, Lillie Clara. San Leandro, Calif.: Lillie Clara Berg.
    • Goodhue County Plat, 1877 (incomplete). County Records. Philadelphia Pennsylvania and Red Wing, Minnesota: Warner and Foote, 1877.
    • Goodhue County Plat, 1894. Publiation information unknown.
    • History of Dakota County, 1910. Curtiss-Wedge, Franklyn. Chicago: H. C. Cooper, Jr. and Co., 1910.
    • History of Goodhue County, 1878. Including sketch of the Territory of the State of Minnesota. Red Wing, Minn.: Wood, Alley and Co., 1878.
    • History of Kenyon, Minnesota, 1976. Severson, Harold. Rochester, Minn.: Harold Severson, 1976.
    • History of Minnesota Valley, 1882. Neill, Rev. Edward R. Minneapolis: North Star, 1882.
    • History of Nicollet and Le Sueur Counties, Vols. I-II, 1916. Gresham, William G. Indianpolis: B.F. Bowen and Co., 1916.
    • History of Olmsted, Winona, and Dodge Counties, 1884. Publication information unknown.
    • History of Rice and Steele Counties, Vols. I & II, 1910. Curtiss-Wedge, Franklyn. Chicago: H. C. Cooper, Jr. and Co., 1910.
    • History of Rice County, 1882. Neill, Rev. Edward. Minneapolis: Minnesota Historical, 1882.
    • History of Waseca County, 1905. The Story of the Pioneers. Child, James E., 1905.
    • Le Sueur County Plat, 1898. Publication information unknown.
    • Olmsted County Plat, 1868. Rochester, Minn.: Olmstead County Genealogical Society.
    • Olmsted County Plat, 1878. Warner, George E. & C. M. Foote. Philadelphia: Warner and Foote, 1878.
    • Olmsted County Plat, 1896. Chicago: George A. Ogle and Co., 1896.
    • Olmsted County Plat, 1914. The Farmer, a Journal of Agriculture. St. Paul, Minn.: Webb, 1914.
    • Rice County Families, 1981. Rice County Historical Society. Marceline, Mo.: Walsworth, 1981.
    • Rice County Military Personnel, 1985. Dalby, John R. Faribault, Minn.: John R. Dalby, 1985.
    • Rice County Plat, 1860. Copy of Court House Records.
    • Rice County Plat, 1900. Northwest Publishing. Philadelphia: Northwest Publishing, 1900.
    • Rice County Plat, 1911. St. Paul, Minn.: Webb, 1911.
    • Rice County Plat, 1915. Mankato, Minn.: Farm Plat Book, 1915.
    • Rice County Plat, 1929. Mankato, Minn.: Farm Plat Book, 1929.
    • Rice County Plat, 1936. Mankato, Minn.: Farm Plat Book, 1936.
    • Rice County Plat, 1948. Mankato, Minn.: Farm Plat Book, 1948.
    • Rice County Plat, 1950. Mankato, Minn.: Farm Plat Book, 1950.
    • Scott County Plat, 1898. Philadelphia: Northwest Publishing, 1898.
    • Steele County Plat, 1879. Minneapolis and Philadelphia: Warner and Foote, 1879.
    • Waseca County Plat, 1879. Philadelphia: Warner and Foote, 1879.