Source Information U.S. Cemetery Address Book [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 1998.
Original data: Elizabeth G. Kot. United States Cemetery Address Book. Vallejo, CA, USA: Indices Publishing, 1994.

About U.S. Cemetery Address Book

This database contains the addresses of over 25,000 cemeteries in the United States, and provides a starting point in locating the burial plots for numerous ancestors. A more complete or comprehensive listing would be difficult to find. It includes major cemeteries in large cities as well as many small cemeteries in small town. Also included are a number of church cemeteries.

A number of sources were consulted to compile this list, but most come from telephone directories. Each entry includes the town in or near which the cemetery lays in one column and the county in another column. For some entries the exact address was unavailable. In these instances zip codes are provided, locations are described, or city offices are included to help the researcher find the desired information.