Source Information An Enduring Legacy [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 1998.
Original data: Daughters of Utah Pioneers. An Enduring Legacy. Vol. I-XII. Salt Lake City, UT, USA: Utah Printing Company, 1978.

About An Enduring Legacy

The Mormons have left an indelible tradition wherever they have lived; whether stopping to improve their financial condition, accumulate necessary supplies and gear or to concentrate their energies toward their ultimate goal: Zion! An understanding of the history of this great people is predicated upon the knowledge of all conditions and persons having significant effect upon Mormon lives and activities either directly or indirectly.

An Enduring Legacy brings to the reader accounts of important events, such as the death of Brigham Young; intimate untold stories of choice relics housed in the Pioneer Memorial Museum; heartwarming events related by pioneers; the accomplishments and life sketches of Daughters of Utah Pioneers presidents; the history of the Indians of the Great Basin and adjacent areas; a famous California pioneer cemetery and the stories of the people buried therein. Lastly the experiences of early pioneers are told through their poetry.