Source Information

New York State Archives New York, U.S., State Census, 1925 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2012.
Original data: State population census schedules, 1925. Albany, New York: New York State Archives.

About New York, U.S., State Census, 1925

This database contains an index and images of the 1925 New York state census.

Historical Background

New York began taking formal state censuses in 1825 both to determine representation in state government and to produce statistics the government might find useful. The state took a census every ten years from 1825 through 1875, another in 1892, and then every ten years again from 1905 to 1925. State censuses like the 1925 census are useful because they fall in between federal census years and provide an interim look at a population.

This database also includes images of an enumeration of Indians on the Onondaga Indian Reservation.

What You Can Find in the Records

The regular census form included columns for

  • permanent residence
  • name
  • relationship to head of household
  • color
  • sex
  • age
  • nativity (country)
  • citizenship (if naturalized, where, when)
  • occupation
  • inmates of institutions and infants under one year of age (to record residence when admitted)

The final column for inmates and infants served a dual purpose. It was used to list the “residence (Borough, City or Town and County) given by or for the inmates when admitted,” unless the inmate had no other permanent residence. For children under one year of age, enumerators were told to “write the exact number of days of its age on June 1, 1925. For example, if the child was born on January 1, 1925, you would enter the age as ‘151 D’. (If a child is under one year of age and was born at some other place of abode than that in which its permanent residence is on June 1, 1925, enter in column 12 the city or village and state in which it was born; in column 1, street and street number).”

The form for the Onondaga Indian Reservation enumeration had columns for the following:

  • post office
  • name
  • name of mother and children under 21 years of age
  • relationship to head of family
  • date of birth
  • sex
  • tribe
  • clan
  • occupation
  • acres of land cultivated
  • where educated
  • degree of Indian blood
  • speak English
  • Christian
  • pagan

14 Nov 2019: Changes were made to correct countries that were keyed incorrectly. No new records were added.