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Source Information Georgia, U.S., Civil War Muster Rolls, 1860-1864 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2011.
Original data: Muster Rolls—Men Subject to Military Duty from 1860–1864. Morrow, Georgia: Georgia State Archives.

About Georgia, U.S., Civil War Muster Rolls, 1860-1864

These are lists of men enrolled in military units, lists of men of militia age, and other related documents from counties in Georgia.

What’s in the Records

In answer to Georgia’s governor’s call for troops to defend both Georgia and the Confederate States of America, men formed companies, battalions, and other military units in counties throughout the state. This database includes muster rolls for these units, lists of men subject to militia duty (men ages 18–45), lists of men over 45, correspondence regarding these lists, and other miscellaneous records related to military enrollment. Most were created on a county level.

Details contained vary by document. Some list only a name, county, and possibly a unit. Others may provide rank, enlistment date, age, marital status, even height.