Source Information Texas, U.S., Birth Certificates, 1903-1932 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2013.
Original data:

Texas Department of State Health Services. Texas Birth Certificates, 1903–1932. iArchives, Orem, Utah.

About Texas, U.S., Birth Certificates, 1903-1932

Mandatory registration for births and deaths in Texas began in 1903, and this database contains birth certificates from the Texas Department of State Health Services, for the years 1903-1932. Some amendments to certificates of birth are included as well. These records can be rich sources of information on both a child and his or her parents. Details recorded vary by year and form, but certificates may include

  • name
  • birthplace
  • birth date
  • residence
  • sex
  • race or color
  • legitimate or otherwise
  • mother’s name
  • mother’s residence
  • mother’s occupation
  • mother’s nationality / color
  • mother’s age at last birthday
  • mother’s birthplace
  • number of children born to mother
  • father’s name
  • father’s residence
  • father’s occupation
  • father’s nationality / color
  • father’s birthplace
  • father’s age at last birthday
  • name and residence of person reporting the birth