Source Information Texas, Index Card Collections, 1800-1900 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2012.
Original data: Index Card Collections. Austin, Texas: Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

About Texas, Index Card Collections, 1800-1900

This collection contains a card catalog pertaining to people and organizations which were influential to Texas history. Cards are separated into 4 categories, Biographical Indexes, Colonist Records from the Secretary of State, Ships arriving at Texas Ports, and Customs House Ship Lists from the Treasury Department.

Biographical Index Cards

Biographical index Cards are arranged alphabetically by subject. Individual people are listed on the cards, as well as schools, business and other non-human entities. Each card contains the name of the person or organization, as well as a reference to a book in the biographical collection (not included in this collection). Cards may also contain a date, or location reference.

Ships at Texas Ports

The Ships at Texas Ports collection is arranged chronologically and lists the date the ship arrived or departed from a Texas port. These cards include the years 1836 – 1843. These cards do not refer to a specific person, and are not searchable by any names.

Colonial Ship Lists and Custom House Ship Lists

Colonial Ship Lists and Customs House Ship Lists may contain the name of the person on the card, the name of the colony and ship, date they arrived or departed, age, occupation, and point of origin.