Source Information Hispanic Surnames and Family History, 1996 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2010.
Original data: Platt, Lyman D. Hispanic Names and Family History. Baltimore, Maryland: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1996.

About Hispanic Surnames and Family History, 1996

The 2000 U.S. Federal Census reported the Hispanic population of the United States at 35.3 million, 12.5 percent of the population. In his unique work Hispanic Names and Family History, Platt reviews the development and dispersal of Hispanic surnames in both Latin America (in countries where Spanish is the primary language) and the United States, tracing both the names’ history and their more recent development. Perhaps just as important to family historians researching Hispanic roots, Platt also includes an extensive bibliography of Hispanic family histories in both the United States and Latin America.

The book has been scanned using OCR (optical character recognition), and while it has not been indexed, it can be searched by word, including first name, surname, or keyword.