Source Information Connecticut, U.S., Divorce Index, 1968-1997 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2010.
Original data: “Connecticut Divorce Index, 1968-1997.” Database. Connecticut Department of Public Health, Hartford, Connecticut. Archive Collection Number: DR09368.

About Connecticut, U.S., Divorce Index, 1968-1997

This data collection contains a statewide index to divorces occurring in Connecticut between 1968 and 1997. This index was compiled by the Connecticut Department of Public Health. There are no images associated with this collection.

Information provided in the index may vary according to year and what was recorded on the original records. However, the type of information provided includes:

  • Certificate number
  • Husband’s name
  • Husband’s birth date and state
  • Husband’s race
  • Number of marriages for husband
  • Husband’s education
  • Wife’s name
  • Wife’s birth date state
  • Wife’s race
  • Number of marriages for wife
  • Wife’s education
  • State of marriage
  • Date of marriage
  • Date of separation
  • Children under 18
  • Plaintiff
  • Town of residence of plaintiff
  • Custody of children
  • Decree date
  • Type of decree and to whom granted
  • Grounds for divorce
  • Superior Court
  • Court docket number

Divorce proceedings are kept by the Superior Court where the divorce was granted. To obtain a copy of a divorce decree or dissolution you must contact the appropriate Court and follow the requirements. Often there will be more information given in an original record than there is an index.