Source Information

Associated Press Associated Press, Subject Card Index to AP Stories, 1937–1985 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc, 2013.
Original data: Associated Press File Drawers of National, International, Newsfeature Name/Subject Cards, 1937–1985. Microfilm. Associated Press Corporate Archives, New York, NY

About Associated Press, Subject Card Index to AP Stories, 1937–1985

This collection includes index cards that were used to catalog AP stories by subject from 1937–1985.

How to search the records

The Subject Card Index is only searchable by date or by the subject or country heading that appears on the original card.

Each index card contains a subject or a country name and a list of AP stories in which that subject is found. Next to each story listing is the date the story was released by AP (generally in the Day/Month/Year format) and a classification number. This number is the key to connecting the index card with a corresponding AP story.

Most stories in this collection have been catalogued with a three-part classification number, written in this format: 35.46-5. The first part (35) is a country code (Italy) and the second part (.46) is a subject code (Aviation). The part after the dash (5) is a page number. Classification numbers are hand-written in the upper right-hand corner of the story image. They are typewritten on the index cards.

Select “view images” from one of the search results and then click to view the image of the index card. Review the card to find the story you want and make note of the publication date and classification number.

Next, go to the Associated Press Stories & Newsfeatures collection. Type the classification number into the Classification Number Search Box, click the “exact” box, and click “search”. Remember that the classification number must be typed exactly as it is appears on the card.

Please note that not all images in the Associated Press Stories & Newsfeatures collection have been catalogued with a classification number. In addition, not all classification numbers listed on the index cards will be able to link to a corresponding image.