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The Rags To Riches Story Behind Meadow Brook Farm (Text)
Description: By Helen J. Anderson. Special to the Chicago Tribune. Excerpt: ROCHESTER, Mich. — From working girl to mistress of a 110-room mansion of her own choosing, the tale of Canadian-b...
Matilda Rausch (born 1883)
Matilda (Rauch) - Alfred Wilson (Text)
Excerpt: The custom of endowing an academic chair originated in 16th-century England with just that—a chair. In those da...
Matilda Rausch (born 1883)
Wikipedia Biography (Text)
Excerpt: Matilda Dodge Wilson (October 19, 1883 – September 19, 1967), was born MatildaRausch in Walkerton, Ontario, Canada...
Matilda Rausch (born 1883)
Matilda Rauch (Text)
Excerpt: MatildaRausch Dodge Wilson (1883-1967) — also known as Matilda R. Wilson ; MatildaRausch ; MatildaRausch Dodge ; Mrs....
Matilda Rausch (born 1883)