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Member Story Story Details Attached To (Text)
Excerpt: Birth: Ca 1630 Parents: Pierre & Marie D ESANTES D ers 19/03/1718 St François IO Burial 20/03/1718 St Fran&cc...
Genevieve Longchamp (born 1632)
About Genevieve Longchamp (Text)
Excerpt: Genevieve Longchamp was born about 1631 in Poiters, Poitou, Vienne, France; the daughter of Pierre Longchamp and Marie D...
Genevieve Longchamp (born 1632)
Genevieve (Text)
Excerpt: "Filles à Marier", Genevieve Longchamp was born about 1639, the daughter of Pierre Longchamp and Marie ...
Genevieve Longchamp (born 1632)
Involved in a murder (Text)
Excerpt: Geneviève is Involved in a Story of Murder "THE ACTION TOOK PLACE BETWEEN 1675 AND 1677. ON 29 DECEMBER 167...
Genevieve Longchamp (born 1632)
Filles à marié liste (PDF)
Geneviève Longchamp (born 1631)
Genevieve Longchamp (PDF)
Geneviève Longchamp (born 1638)
Filles à Marier (Text)
Excerpt: The untold story of female immigration to New France Before the state-sponsored immigration program that sent nearly ...
Genevieve Longchamp (born 1632)
Geneviève Longchamp: Une Fille à Marier (Text)
Description: Biography. Excerpt: Geneviève Longchamp from Before the King’s Daughters: The Filles à Marier, 1634–1662 by Pete...
Geneviève Longchamp / Longchamps (born 1638)
Jacques Bilodeau Billodeau ❦ (1627 - 1712) - the 1st Bilodeau Ancestor in New France (Text)
Excerpt: Story from "Association des Bilodeau" - 8 Sep 2015 -êtres.html Notre anc&eci...
Genevieve Longchamps Longchamp ❦ (born 1634)
Description: Source:
Genevieve Longchamp (born 1638)
Filles a Marier - "Marriageable Girls" (Text)
Description: Filles a Marier - "Marriageable Girls" Excerpt: Between 1634 and 1663, 262 filles à marier or "marriageable girls" emigrated to New France representing...
Genevieve Longchamp (born 1638)
Jacques Bilodeau Billodeau Billaudeau ❦ (1634 - 1712) and Genevieve Longchamps (1634 - 1718) (Text)
Excerpt: From: Jacques Billaudeau Ou...
Genevieve Longchamps Longchamp ❦ (born 1634)
Histoire-Meurtre Gabriel Hervet (Hervé-Harvey)-1675 (Text)
Excerpt: Né le 25 juillet 1640, Gabriel découvrit le Nouveau Monde peu de temps après sa sœur a&ic...
Geneviève Longchamp (born 1632)
Jacques Billaudeau and Geneviève Longchamp (Text)
Excerpt: The Story of Jacques Billaudeau On 23 June 1652, "The small boat of the first ship from France arrived, commanded by...
Geneviève Longchamp (born 1638)
Excerpt: by Gérard Lebel Translated by Thomas J. Leforest Jacques Billaudeau By Jacques Saintonge Sainte-Anne De Beaup...
Genevieve Longchamp (born 1632)
Filles a Marier (Text)
Excerpt: A Marriageable Young Girl Genevieve Longchamp (1631-1718) Genevieve Longchamp was born about 1631 in Poiters, Poitou, Vienn...
Genevieve Longchamp (born 1631)
ship bio (Text)
Excerpt: Geneviève Longchamp ( Pierre et Marie DESANTES ), d’origine inconnue; d 27 s 28-03-1718 St-François ...
Genevieve Longchamps (born 1638)
Genevieve Longchamp "Filles a Marie" (Text)
Excerpt: Genevieve Longchamp (1631-1718) Genevieve Longchamp was born about 1631 in Poiters, Poitou, Vienne, France; the daughte...
Geneviève Longchamps (born 1631)