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Jasper Aaron and Effie (Hart) Brown (Text)
Description: copied from "The Descendants of James Madison Hart" compiled by Dorothy E Hart 1993; one paragraph deleted for... Excerpt: Effie Hart was the second child of James Madison (Doll) and Martha Vella Wright Hart. She was born in Carroll Count...
Effie Teressia Hart (born 1877)
Effie (Text)
Excerpt: Effie was listed as an incompentent child in her fathers military papers
Effie Hart (born 1879)
1911 08 Aug 15 Newspaper Auburn Citizen Auburn NY AJ Densley (PDF)
Joel E Hart (born 1880)
Mary C (Hart) Ganey OBIT 1920 (Text)
Description: from search "Barney Hart" Excerpt:
James E Hart (born 1874)
James Hart Pension Application (PDF)
Effie Hart (born 1873)
Obituary (Text)
Description: Obituary, Nevada State Journal. image 7 Excerpt: 10 May 1955 Nevada State Journal, Reno, NV, image 7: OBITUARY, BROWN: In Reno, May 8, 1955, Mrs. Virginia Brown; moth...
Virginia E Hart (born 1881)
Wedding: Ewart-Herth (Text)
Excerpt: A quiet but pretty wedding took place yesterday at Gympie. The bridegroom was Mr. David Ewart (son of Mr. D. Ewart, late...
Effie Maud Herth (born 1880)
The Genealogy of Jesus Christ Through Mary (Word)
Mary "Maria" "Mother of Jesus" bat Heli
Ina Hawley Obituary (PDF)
Ina E Hawley (born 1878)
Mesa County, Colorado Cemetery Index for Heely (Word)
Description: Abbreviated cemetery records for Heeley, Heely interments.
Charles E Heely (born 1873)
Genealogy of Jesus and Mary (PDF)
Mary (Merriam) mother of Yeshua (Jesus Christ) Bint Heli *Also see Mary wife of Joseph
Linage of Mary( mother of Yeshua son of God) (Word)
Description: A linage taken from Luke 3: 23-38
MARY "Blessed Mother of Jesus Christ" Bint Heli
King of the British LLud APBeli (Text)
Excerpt: Llud Llaw Eirint "Silver Haired" APBELI was born about 79 B.C. and died about 18 B.C. Legendary king of the Br...
Lludd "King of Britons" ap Heli
Mary, born in Virgo (Text)
Description: Mary and the Virgo birth Excerpt: Mary was called the Virgin because she was born in the sign of Virgo. This was very frowned upon because it meant that ...
Mary, Mother of Jesus, Mariah of Sepphoris ferch Joseph Ben Levi Ha David bat Heli
Preview of Mary Mother of Jesus -..., the free encyclopedia” (PDF)
Saint Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ, Bint Heli of Nazareth
Jesus Christ Ancestry BibleSearchers (Word)
St Mary Miriam (Mother of Jesus) bint Heli
Jesus Christ Ancestry BibleSearchers (Word)
MARY MIRIAM (Mother of JESUS) bint Heli
Mary Mother of Christ (Word)
St Mary Miriam (Mother of Jesus) bint Heli
Mary Mother of Christ (Word)
MARY MIRIAM (Mother of JESUS) bint Heli
Catskill Examiner, Sat., 19 Nov 1904 (Text)
Excerpt: Cornwallville - Channing Hale of Halcottville, Delaware Co. has moved into a tenement house on the McClellan Far. (As wr...
Channing E Hale (born 1880)