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Aaron J Woodruff 1856 Henry abt 1828 Male
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Irene F Kinney  Albert M,
Mary L,
Edwin C
1925 Polk abt 1896 Female
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Irene Oldfather  Jason C,
1925 Black Hawk abt 1854 Female
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Irene Woodruff Jay J,
1925 Boone abt 1910 Female
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Warren Woodruff 1915 Boone abt 1879 Male
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Warren G Woodruff 1905 Boone    
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Warren W Woodruff 1885 Taylor abt 1880 Male
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Eva Irene Woodruff 1915 Boone abt 1910 Female
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Amy A Woodruff  Richard H,
Elizabeth L
1925 Buena Vista abt 1870 Female
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Nora A Higby  Nelson,
Noble E
1925 Humboldt abt 1896 Female
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Hattie A Archer  Jim,
Geo W
1925 Audubon abt 1884 Female
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Helen A Nettleton  Lora,
Nettie J,
1925 Black Hawk abt 1902 Female
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Wm A Woodruff Chas G,
Amelia C,
1925 Woodbury abt 1856 Male
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Fay A Woodruff Berten C,
Mattie I
1925 Crawford abt 1896 Male
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Edward A Woodruff Lara,
1925 Black Hawk abt 1894 Male
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L A Woodruff John,
1925 Jasper abt 1876 Male
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T A Woodruff W O,
1925 Benton abt 1860 Male
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James A Woodruff Mary,
1925 Polk abt 1869 Male
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Willis A Woodruff Fredrick,
Saber M,
Mary L
1925 Adair abt 1862 Male
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Jean A Woodruff Grant,
1925 Des Moines abt 1922 Female