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  1. Hannah Elizabeth Prince found in

    Record information.
    Birth3 Mar 1843 Oxford, Oxford, Maine, USA
    Residence1920 Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA
    Death12 Dec 1919 Harrison, Cumberland, Maine, USA
    Record information.
    FatherWilliam Prince (1786-1850)
    MotherHannah Gurney (1802-1880)
    SpouseCyrus Scribner (1824-1902)
    62403 People9 Records9 Sources
  2. David Prince (PRANCE) found in

    Record information.
    Birth7 Jan 1843 Hatley, Memphrémagog, Quebec, Canada
    Marriage22 Sep 1867 Barton, Orleans, Vermont, USA
    Death7 Jun 1919
    Record information.
    FatherJean PRINCE (1811-1859)
    MotherFlavie DESLAURIERS
    SpousePrudence PRIEST (Died 1923)
    52303 People0 Records1 Source
  3. Adolphe Prince found in

    Record information.
    Birth5 Feb 1843 Nicolet, Nicolet-Yamaska, Quebec, Canada
    Marriage12 Feb 1872 Ste-Monique, Nicolet-Yamaska, Quebec, Canada
    Residence1901 Nicolet, Nicolet-Yamaska, Quebec, Canada
    Death29 Jun 1919 Montréal, Montréal (Urban Agglomeration), Quebec, Canada
    Record information.
    FatherJulien Prince (1812-1895)
    MotherApolline Bergeron (1825-1900)
    SpouseCatherine Cassidy (1847-1932)
    15357 People8 Records8 Sources
  4. Stephen Prince found in

    Record information.
    Birth1843 England
    Marriage30 Jun 1867 Bethnal Green, Middlesex, England
    Residence2 Apr 1911 England
    Record information.
    FatherHenry Prince (1815-1877)
    MotherRebecca Green (Born 1817)
    SpouseAnn Louisa Simpson (1850-1926)
    594 People13 Records13 Sources
  5. Frank Prince found in

    Record information.
    Birth1842 Downton, Wiltshire, England
    Residence1911 Rownhams, Hampshire, England
    Record information.
    FatherWilliam PRINCE (1791-1845)
    MotherHarriet Quinton (1796-1871)
    SpouseMary Prince (Born 1845)
    168 People3 Records3 Sources
  6. Anna Mary Schmutz found in

    Record information.
    Birth1843 Ohio, USA
    Residence1910 Middletown, Butler, Ohio, USA
    Record information.
    SpouseCalvin J. Schmutz (1840-1927)
    878 People5 Records5 Sources
  7. Anna Mary Schmutz found in

    Record information.
    Death17 Jan 1919 Clinton, Ohio, USA
    Record information.
    FatherJohn Brenizer (1813-1893)
    Record information.
    MotherCatharine Mohler (Died 1896)
    248 People1 Record1 Source
  8. Mary Ann Barnes found in

    Record information.
    Birth7 May 1842 West Bengal, India
    Marriage9 Jul 1868 London, London, England
    Residence2 Apr 1911 Fulham, Middlesex, England
    Death16 Jul 1919 West Kensington, Middlesex, England
    Record information.
    FatherWilliam English Fitz Edward Barnes (1813-1881)
    MotherMary Anna Sinclair (1819-1909)
    SpouseAlfred Blomfield (1833-1894)
    71424 People9 Records11 Sources
  9. Maria Aniela, Princess Sapiezanka found in

    Record information.
    Birth18 Sep 1843 France
    Marriage2 Dec 1862 France
    Death10 Dec 1919 United, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA
    Record information.
    FatherEustachy Kajetan, Prince Sapieha-Rozanski (1797-1860)
    MotherRozalia, Countess Mostowska (1809-1864)
    SpouseWladyslaw Michal, Count Branicki (1826-1884)
    438412 People0 Records2 Sources
  10. Nancy Rebecca Carson found in

    Record information.
    Birth6 Apr 1843 Massac, Illinois, USA
    Marriage3 Dec 1878 Massac, Illinois, USA
    Residence1900 Anna, Union, Illinois, USA
    Death11 Jun 1919 Massac, Illinois, USA
    Record information.
    FatherAndrew S CARSON (1821-1896)
    MotherNicey MURRIE (1821-1882)
    SpouseRobert Barnes (1843-1900)
    2033 People9 Records13 Sources
  11. Ann Jane ( nee Barnes ) Macrae found in

    Record information.
    BirthJan 1843 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
    Residence1911 Kirkdale, Lancashire, England
    Death1 Feb 1919 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
    Record information.
    MotherEllen ( nee Morris ) Barnes (Born 1806)
    SpouseJohn Macrae (Born 1842)
    2014 People12 Records13 Sources
  12. Mary M Barnes found in

    Record information.
    Birth22 Sep 1843 Leoni, Jackson, Michigan, USA
    Marriage17 Oct 1871 Tekonsha, Calhoun, Michigan, USA
    Residence1910 Tekonsha, Calhoun, Michigan, USA
    Death22 Mar 1919 Homer, Midland, Michigan, USA
    Record information.
    FatherEdward Mead Barnes (1803-1855)
    MotherHannah Tilyou (1804-1891)
    SpouseThaddeus (Thaddis) W Heath (1843-1931)
    2899 People6 Records11 Sources
  13. Mary Barnes found in

    Record information.
    Birth11 Sep 1843 Deerfield, Portage, Ohio, USA
    Marriage2 Apr 1875 Bowen, Sioux, Nebraska, USA
    Death10 Jul 1919
    Record information.
    FatherJohn Barnes (1803-1863)
    MotherRebecca Miller (1811-1880)
    SpouseJohn Thomas Clark (1845-1918)
    94 People0 Records2 Sources
  14. Mary Sullivan Burns found in

    Record information.
    Birth1857 Ireland
    Residence1918 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
    DeathDec 1919 Unionville, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
    Record information.
    SpouseJohn Giblin (1852-1892)
    319 People5 Records5 Sources
  15. Mary Burns found in

    Record information.
    Birth3 Mar 1843 Ireland
    Marriage24 Feb 1868 Kilkenny, Ireland
    ResidenceCrenshaw, Panola, Mississippi, USA
    Death13 Nov 1919 Brockway, Jefferson, Pennsylvania, USA
    Record information.
    FatherJoseph Burns (1820-1844)
    MotherJulia Kennedy (1824-1901)
    1290 People4 Records5 Sources
  16. Sarah Ann "Sallie" Burns found in

    Record information.
    Birth1843 Tennessee, USA
    Death3 Nov 1919 Gibson, Tennessee, USA
    Record information.
    FatherRichard Lamar Burns (1813-1860)
    Record information.
    MotherSusan McFarlin or Harris (1820-1844)
    376 People0 Records3 Sources
  17. Mary A Byrne (Burns)/Kenny found in

    Record information.
    Birth1843 Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
    Residence1910 Marcellus, Onondaga, New York, USA
    Death24 Dec 1919 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA
    Record information.
    FatherJohn Kenny (Born 1815)
    MotherNellie Burns (Born 1820)
    SpouseMichael Leonard (1842-1912)
    1177 People9 Records12 Sources
  18. Mary Kennedy Burns McCann found in

    Record information.
    Birth3 Mar 1843 Ireland
    Marriage1865 Elk, Pennsylvania, USA
    Death13 Nov 1919 Brockway, Jefferson, Pennsylvania, USA
    Record information.
    FatherJohn McCann (1828-1900)
    MotherJulia Kennedy Burns (1825-1901)
    SpouseMichael Brennan (1843-1918)
    4293 People0 Records0 Sources
  19. Sarah Ann Stone found in

    Record information.
    BirthSep 1844 Hungerford, Berkshire, England
    MarriageAug 1862 Newbury, Berkshire, England
    Record information.
    FatherThomas STONE (1798-1870)
    MotherMary Bartlett (Born 1800)
    SpouseGeorge Outon Lockeyear (1835-1915)
    254 People0 Records0 Sources
  20. Ann Burns found in

    Record information.
    Birth1843 Airdrie, Lanarkshire, Scotland
    Marriage12 Apr 1861 Hawick, Roxburghshire, Scotland
    Residence1901 Hawick, Roxburghshire, Scotland
    Death17 Jun 1919 Hawick, Roxburghshire, Scotland
    Record information.
    FatherJames Burns
    MotherSarah Burns (1826-1888)
    SpouseJames Herbert Higgins (1839-1912)
    566 People6 Records12 Sources
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