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  1. James Washington "Jim" Stevens found in

    Record information.
    Birth1 Oct 1845 Loris, Horry, South Carolina, USA
    Marriage14 Mar 1873 Loris, Horry, South Carolina, USA
    Residence1920 Bayboro, Horry, South Carolina, USA
    Death6 May 1921 Loris, Horry, South Carolina, USA
    Record information.
    FatherBenjamin Franklin “Ben” Stevens (1797-1874)
    MotherFrances Henrietta Blackburn Gore Stevens (1809-1852)
    SpouseHannah M Bailey Stevens (Born 1855)
    19448 People12 Records25 Sources
  2. James C. Stevens found in

    Record information.
    Birth8 May 1842 Ontario, Canada
    Marriage26 Sep 1862 Haldimand, Ontario, Canada
    Residence1891 Dunnville, Haldimand, Ontario, Canada
    Death22 Feb 1921 Dunnville, Haldimand, Ontario, Canada
    Record information.
    FatherJacob Stevens (1814-1895)
    MotherMary Ann Monk (1817-1897)
    SpouseJane Callister (1844-1914)
    12709 People3 Records6 Sources
  3. John William Stevens found in

    Record information.
    Birth1847 Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England
    Marriage1 Aug 1869 St Pancras, Middlesex, England
    Residence1891 England
    Death1921 Stepney, Middlesex, England
    Record information.
    FatherJohn Stevens
    SpouseAnn G (Born 1850)
    505 People6 Records7 Sources
  4. Samuel Clark Stevens found in

    Record information.
    Birth28 Apr 1848 Parke, Indiana, USA
    Residence1920 Clinton, Vermillion, Indiana, USA
    Marriage24 Jun 1921 Vermillion, Indiana, USA
    Death19 Nov 1921 Vermillion, Indiana, USA
    Record information.
    FatherGiles Stevens/Stephens (1824-1857)
    MotherElizabeth Jane Moreland/Morlan (1823-1871)
    SpouseMary Jane Freed (Born 1870)
    815 People9 Records9 Sources
  5. Pauline A Beede found in

    Record information.
    Birth25 Apr 1845 Blanchard, Piscataquis, Maine, USA
    Residence1920 Skowhegan, Somerset, Maine, USA
    Death1921 Skowhegan, Somerset, Maine, USA
    Record information.
    FatherHarston R. Beede (1811-1850)
    MotherAbigail Beede (1824-1859)
    SpouseEzra Stevens (1837-1925)
    1784 People12 Records18 Sources
  6. Ella Brannin found in

    Record information.
    Birth14 Mar 1845 Kentucky, USA
    Residence1880 Graham, Young, Texas, USA
    Death15 Sep 1921 Dallas, Dallas, Texas, USA
    Record information.
    FatherDaniel Brannin (1796-1862)
    MotherMaria Louisa Dupuy (1814-1889)
    SpouseThomas Bland Stevens (1838-1914)
    2392 People4 Records4 Sources
  7. Amelia Card found in

    Record information.
    Birth5 Jan 1845 Rotherfield, Sussex, England
    Residence2 Apr 1911 Crowborough, Sussex, England
    DeathJun 1921 Uckfield, Sussex, England
    Record information.
    FatherJames Card (1805-1889)
    MotherAnn Camfield (1809-1900)
    SpouseGeorge Francis Ovenden (Born 1842)
    38002 People13 Records35 Sources
  8. Ursula Susan Green found in

    Record information.
    Birth1845 New York, USA
    Residence1920 Mendon, Monroe, New York, USA
    Death16 Feb 1921
    Record information.
    FatherBenjamin Green (1816-1898)
    MotherAngeline Green (1818-1845)
    SpouseEdmond Stevens (1848-1911)
    207 People8 Records8 Sources
  9. Emily V. Irvine found in

    Record information.
    BirthJan 1846 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
    Marriage1865 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
    Residence1920 Brattleboro, Windham, Vermont, USA
    Death1921 Brattleboro, Windham, Vermont, USA
    Record information.
    SpouseCharles Henry Peddrick (1842-1929)
    2326 People13 Records14 Sources
  10. Josephine Clara Jones found in

    Record information.
    BirthApr 1846 Fort Covington, Franklin, New York, USA
    Marriage4 Sep 1878 Winnebago, Houston, Minnesota, USA
    Residence1920 Allamakee, Iowa, USA
    Death28 Apr 1921 Houston, Houston, Minnesota, USA
    Record information.
    FatherWilliam Jones (1817-1899)
    MotherClarissa Clara Billings (1821-1908)
    SpouseEdmund Stevens (1829-1901)
    114713 People4 Records5 Sources
  11. Fidelia Stephens found in

    Record information.
    BirthAug 1845 Steuben, New York, USA
    Marriage2 May 1869 Canisteo, Steuben, New York, USA
    Residence1 Jun 1915 Jasper, Steuben, New York, USA
    Death30 Dec 1921 Jasper, Steuben, New York, USA
    Record information.
    FatherMarcus Stephens (Born 1792)
    SpousePrescott McMindes (1841-1914)
    30575 People8 Records20 Sources
  12. Susan R Stevens found in

    Record information.
    Birth1845 Maine, USA
    Marriage4 Feb 1862 Portland, Cumberland, Maine, USA
    Residence1920 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA
    Death15 Jul 1921
    Record information.
    SpouseJames Francis Staples (1835-1890)
    11616 People7 Records9 Sources
  13. Albert Gaylord Stevens found in

    Record information.
    Birth1845 Verona, Oneida, New York, USA
    Residence1880 Hay Creek, Goodhue, Minnesota, USA
    Death24 Apr 1921 Crookston, Polk, Minnesota, USA
    Record information.
    SpouseEllen Brownson (1853-1942)
    8446 People2 Records3 Sources
  14. Daniel Stephens found in

    Record information.
    Birth1846 Washington, Auglaize, Ohio, USA
    Marriage18 Feb 1864 Washington, Auglaize, Ohio, USA
    Residence1880 Liberty, Washington, Ohio, USA
    Death1921 Wood, West Virginia, USA
    Record information.
    FatherJohn Stephens (1804-1877)
    MotherSarah Bowersock (1806-1884)
    SpouseMaria Burford (Born 1847)
    1123 People8 Records9 Sources
  15. David Tharp Stephens found in

    Record information.
    Birth14 May 1845 Drayton, Dooly, Georgia, USA
    Residence1921 Dothan, Houston, Alabama, USA
    Death1921 Dale, Alabama, USA
    Record information.
    FatherPryor Stephens (1815-1880)
    MotherSusan Godwin (1829-1862)
    SpouseElizabeth R Martin (1859-1922)
    30555 People9 Records10 Sources
  16. Frances E. Stephens found in

    Record information.
    Birth11 Apr 1845 Georgia, USA
    Marriage18 Dec 1872 Marion, Twiggs, Georgia, USA
    Residence1910 Buena Vista, Marion, Georgia, USA
    Death4 Mar 1921
    Record information.
    FatherAlbert Stephens (1822-1854)
    MotherMildred Perry (1823-1889)
    SpouseDaniel Webster Fouche (1848-1912)
    53820 People10 Records10 Sources
  17. Julia Stephens found in

    Record information.
    Birth11 Jun 1845 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
    Marriage1 Aug 1864 Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    Residence1920 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA
    Death6 Apr 1921 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA
    Record information.
    FatherJames Stephens (1815-1905)
    MotherHarriott Mayo (1821-1891)
    SpouseWilliam Alfred Copeland (1839-1879)
    6863 People16 Records16 Sources
  18. Thomas Stephens found in

    Record information.
    Birth14 Jun 1845 Pennsylvania, USA
    Residence1920 Roaring Spring, Blair, Pennsylvania, USA
    Death16 Aug 1921 Roaring Spring, Blair, Pennsylvania, USA
    Record information.
    FatherPeter Stephens (Born 1804)
    MotherMargaret Butler (1810-1857)
    SpouseMartha A Gates (1846-1918)
    27425 People9 Records14 Sources
  19. Alonzo H. Stevens found in

    Record information.
    Birth8 Nov 1845 Georgetown, Sagadahoc, Maine, USA
    Marriage3 Aug 1886 Georgetown, Sagadahoc, Maine, USA
    Residence1920 Georgetown, Sagadahoc, Maine, USA
    Death28 Jul 1921 Georgetown, Sagadahoc, Maine, USA
    Record information.
    FatherCharles Stevens (1809-1888)
    MotherSusan Stanwood (1810-1900)
    SpouseAdrianna Rowe (1850-1878)
    6014 People12 Records20 Sources
  20. Ann Williams found in

    Record information.
    Birth1845 Hose, Leicestershire, England
    Residence2 Apr 1911 Alfreton, Derbyshire, England
    Record information.
    SpouseThomas Williams (Born 1841)
    686 People5 Records6 Sources
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