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A contribution to the history, biography and genealogy of the families named Sole, Solly, Soule, Sowle, Soulis440
A history of Tennessee and Tennesseans : the leaders and representative men in commerce, industry and modern activities199
Abstract of Book 1 & Book A, probate record 1791-1826, Hamilton County, Ohio147
An Index of Littell's Passaic Valley genealogies not including those names listed under their own family names197
Cross-Index to New Haven Genealogical Magazine Volumes I-VIII, inclusive Families of Ancient New Haven246
English Origins of New England Families, Second Series Vol. III203
English Origins of New England Families, Vol. III162
Index to A history of the Moravian Seminary for Young Ladies at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania124
Index to administrations in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury135
Index to families and persons, History of Chester County, Pennsylvania190
Index to names in twenty-six volumes of Illinois records356
Index to Snell's History of Hunterdon and Somerset counties130
Index to the Transactions of the Ill. State Historical Society and other publications of the Ills. State Historical Library171
Index to the wills and administrations proved and granted in the Archdeaconry Court of Leicester, 1660-1750168
Index, Snell [sic] history of Sussex Co., N.J. : typescript (photocopy),143
L'Hommedieu : index.251
List of persons whose names have been changed in Massachusetts, 1780-1892369
Mayflower Source Records592
Ohio Source Records394
Oregon State Roster of Ancestors, Daughters of the American Revolution, 1963371
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