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Pre-Revolutionary Dutch houses and families in northern New Jersey and southern New York18
Long Island Source Records14
Early Settlers of New York State, Vol. I13
The beginnings of the petroleum industry : sources and bibliography12
Early settlers of Bushwick, Long Island, New York and their descendants11
The first century of Methodism in Canada9
New York State History8
Early Germans of New Jersey6
History of Leeds and Grenville, Ontario, from 1749 to 18796
Missionary enterprise among the coloured people of the Maritime Provinces of Canada6
The Early Germans of New Jersey; Their History, Churches and Genealogies6
An Illustrated history of Baker, Grant, Malheur and Harney Counties5
Handbook of Canadian Methodism: being an alphabetical arrangement of all the ministers and preachers whose names have appeared in connection with Canadian Methodism, also of all the circuits and missions under the care of the Wesleyan Conference in Canada: together with a large amount of other useful and statistical information5
King George County, Virginia 1720-19905
The McGillycuddy papers : a selection from the family archives of "the McGillycuddy of the Reeks"5
A Genealogical and Personal History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Vol. I4
Gateway to The West, Vol. II4
Genealogical history of Hudson and Bergen Counties, New Jersey4
Kane and the upper Allegheny4
The Loyalists in Ontario4
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