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North America, Family Histories, 1500-200027
Families of Early Guilford, Connecticut, Vol. I21
Family histories and genealogies : a series of genealogical and biographical monographs on the families of MacCurdy, Mitchell,17
A Narrative of the Griswold Family: From Thomas Griswold, Esq. of Weathersfield and Guilford, 169516
The Ely ancestry : lineage of Richard Ely of Plymouth, England, who came to Boston, Mass., about 165512
Hyde genealogy, or, The descendants in the female as well as the male lines9
Biography & Genealogy Master Index (BGMI)6
Families of Ancient Wethersfield, Connecticut6
Daughters of the American Revolution Lineage Books (152 Vols.)5
Families of Early Guilford, Connecticut, Vol. II5
Genealogy of ancestors of Barbara Bushnell Pelton and her husband Doctor Almon Klumph no. 25
The Abell family in America : Robert Abell of Rehoboth, Mass., his English ancestry and his descendants5
The Holcombes, nation builders...their biographies, genealogies, and pedigrees5
A genealogy of the descendants of William Kelsey who settled at Cambridge, Mass., in 16324
American Ancestors and Cousins of the Princess of Wales4
Old Houses of the Ancient Town of Norwich, 1660-1800: With Maps, Illustrations, Portraits, and Genealogies4
The Chaffee genealogy4
The Phelps family of America and their English ancestors4
Ancestors of Evelyn Wood Keeler, wife of Willard Underhill Taylor3
The genealogy of the Cleveland and Cleaveland families3
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