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Biography & Genealogy Master Index (BGMI)63
North America, Family Histories, 1500-20009
Daughters of the American Revolution Lineage Books (152 Vols.)6
Texas, Index Card Collections, 1800-19005
Huffmaster-Hoffmeister family records3
Biographical annals of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania2
Genealogy of John Ewell extending to the 6th generation : covering a period of 144 years, from 1734 to 18782
A genealogy of the Quick family in America (1625-1942), 317 years1
Genealogical records of the Royer family of America : or more especially those of Sebastian Royer's family1
Genealogy of Evans, Nivin, and allied families1
Genealogy of the Crane family1
Genealogy of the Surdam family1
History and genealogy of the Reed family1
History of the Barr family, beginning with great grandfather Robert Barr and Mary Wills1
Kettenring family in America1
Our kin : the genealogies of some of the early families who made history in the founding and development of Bedford County, Virginia1
The descendants of William Towne, who came to America on or about 1630 and settled in Salem, Mass.1
The Dorsey family : descendants of Edward Darcy-Dorsey of Virginia and Maryland for five generations and allied families1
The Doty-Doten family in America : descendants of Edward Doty, an emigrant by the Mayflower, 16201
The Freer family : the descendants of Hugo Freer, patentee of New Paltz (Frear, Fraer, Frayer, Fryer, etc.)1
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