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  1. Scheindel AUSTERWEIL found in

    Scheindel AUSTERWEIL from tree Judy's Tree (Private)
    Record information.
    No publicly available family members
    72978 People0 Records0 Sources
  2. Sora Cherna / Tserna Ostrovitz ( Grushlavsky) found in

    Record information.
    Deathx xxx xxxx
    Record information.
    SpouseBerel / Dov Ber Grushlavsky (1840-xxxx)
    38524 People0 Records1 Source
  3. Sura (Sara) Katz found in

    Record information.
    Birth1830 Austria
    Deathxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxPrykarpattia, Ukraine
    Record information.
    SpouseMajer Wolf Auster (1824-xxxx)
    1307 People1 Record3 Sources
  4. Louis Stammerer Western Francia found in

    Record information.
    BirthxxxxxxxxxxOise, Picardie, France
    MarriagexxxxxxParis, Île-de-France, France
    DeathxxxxxxxxxxOise, Picardie, France
    Record information.
    SpouseAdelaide de Paris Friuli (Born 2000)
    6546 People0 Records1 Source
  5. Edwin S Easter found in

    Edwin S Easter from tree PARRIS~1 (Private)
    Record information.
    Birth27 Mar 1886 Waco, McLennan, Texas, USA
    No publicly available family members
    1092 People8 Records8 Sources
  6. Samuel / Schepsil Astrinsky / ASTRIN found in

    Record information.
    Birthxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxPerm', Russia
    Deathxx xxx xxxxBaltimore, Maryland, USA
    Record information.
    Fatherxxxxx x xxxxx xxxxxxxxx (Born 1800)
    SpouseIDA / Hilda / Annie / Hinde Shavach (1860-xxxx)
    93 People2 Records4 Sources
  7. Severin Jensen Ostermand found in

    Record information.
    Birthxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxArhus, Denmark
    Deathxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxArhus, Denmark
    Record information.
    Fatherxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx (1735-xxxx)
    Motherxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx (1748-xxxx)
    SpouseAnne Cathrine Rasmusdatter Gissel (1786-xxxx)
    4123 People3 Records3 Sources
  8. St Beggue Austrasia found in

    Record information.
    Birthxxx xxxxxAisne, Picardie, France
    MarriagexxxxxAisne, Picardie, France
    Deathxx xxx xxxxxAisne, Picardie, France
    Record information.
    Fatherxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
    Motherxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
    SpouseBertrada of Prüm
    18089 People0 Records8 Sources
  9. Soma Wisztreich

    No publicly available LifeStory events
    Record information.
    SpouseAntonia Breier Wisztreich
    250729 People0 Records0 Sources
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