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  1. Martha Jane Majors Till found in

    Record information.
    Birthdate date 1854 Butler, Alabama, USA
    Marriagedd mm year city, Choctaw, Alabama, USA
    Residenceyear city, Jefferson, Alabama, USA
    Deathdate date year city, Butler, Alabama, USA
    Record information.
    Fathergiven name surname (1830-year)
    Mothergiven name surname (1833-year)
    SpouseAndrew Allen Till (1857-year)
    12437 People12 Records23 Sources
  2. Anna Maria MEIJER found in

    Record information.
    Birth1862 city, Beemster, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
    Marriagedd mm year city, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
    Record information.
    Fathergiven name surname (Born 1828)
    Mothergiven name surname (1831-year)
    SpouseCornelis Bernardus Henricus van TOL (Born 1859)
    1326 People0 Records0 Sources
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