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  1. Lady Constance de Villiers, Countess of Derby found in

    Record information.
    Birthx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxLondon, England
    No publicly available family members
    61413 People3 Records12 Sources
  2. Constance Gower Villiers found in

    Record information.
    Birthx xxx1840 England
    Marriagexx xxx xxxxMiddlesex, England
    Deathxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxLondon, England
    Record information.
    Fatherxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxx (1800-xxxx)
    Motherxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx (1810-xxxx)
    SpouseFrederick Arthur Smith-Stanley (1841-xxxx)
    1215 People18 Records19 Sources
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