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  1. Adelaide / Adelheid/Adeliza of Normandy found in

    Record information.
    Birth1524 France
    Record information.
    Fatherxxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx
    Motherxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx
    SpouseLambert van Boulogne
    983 People2 Records10 Sources
  2. Norma Jean Ziegelmann found in

    Record information.
    Birthxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxPutnam, Indiana, USA
    Marriagex xxx xxxx xxxxxxxGrant, Indiana, USA
    ResidencexxxxPutnam, Indiana, USA
    Deathxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxPulaski, Virginia, USA
    Record information.
    Fatherxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx (1900-xxxx)
    Motherxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx (1903-xxxx)
    SpouseLloyd Vearl Imel (Died xxxx)
    6144 People9 Records10 Sources
  3. William I, The Conqueror, King of England, Duke of Normandy, Normandie found in

    Record information.
    BirthxxxxxxxxCalvados, France
    No publicly available family members
    57609 People3 Records3 Sources
  4. William the Conqueror found in

    No publicly available LifeStory events
    Record information.
    Fatherxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx
    14224 People0 Records0 Sources

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