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A genealogy of the Van Winkle family2
A pendulous edition of Kingsbury genealogy2
All Leatherman kin history2
An American family : the Nesbits of St. Clair2
Ballard genealogy : William Ballard (1603-1639) of Lynn, Massachusetts and William Ballard (1617-1689) of Andover, Massachusetts2
Elder John Crandall of Rhode Island and his descendants2
Genealogy of David Elder and Margery Stewart2
Genealogy of the Exline and Axline family2
Genealogy of the Fulton family, being descendants of John Fulton, born in Scotland in 17132
History and genealogy of Samuel Clark, Sr., and his descendants : from 1636-1892, 256 years2
History and genealogy of the ancestors and some descendants of Stukely Westcott2
History of the descendants of Nicholas Beery born in 1707, emigrated from Switzerland to Pennsylvania in 17272
Lineage and biographies of the Norris family in America : from 1640 to 18922
Loyalist Clarks, Badgleys, and allied families2
Memoirs of the Wilkinson family in America2
Memorials of elder John White, one of the first settlers of Hartford, Conn., and of his descendants2
Notable New Yorkers of 1896-18992
Root and branch of the Sale tree in America : an account of the ten generations2
The Boggan family : Patrick, Benjamin, James and their sister Jane including pertinent facts of North Carolina history2
The Chouteau family : a genealogy of descendants and collateral branches2