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Lineages of Members of the National Society of Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims, Vol. I8
The descendants of Timothy Carpenter of Pittstown, Rensselaer Co., New York8
A few scraps, oily and otherwise7
A partial history and genealogical record of the Bancker or Banker families of America and in particular the descendants of Laurens Mattyse Bancker7
David Rush and his descendants : and stories of the community7
Genealogical account of the Jennings family7
History and genealogy of the Carpenter family in America : from the settlement at Providence, R.I., 1637-19017
History of Cornelis Maessen Van Buren who came from Holland to the New Netherlands in 1631, and his descendants7
John Maull (1714-1753) of Lewes, Delaware : a genealogy of his descendants in all branches7
Lumber River Scots and their descendants, the McLeans, the Torreys, the Purcells, the McIntyres, the Gilchrists7
Record of the descendants of James Ensign and his wife Sarah Nelson, 1634-1939-19607
The Munson record7
The Ryerson genealogy7
A genealogy and history of the Kauffman-Coffman families of North America, 1584 to 19376
Early Germans of New Jersey6
Genealogical and memorial history of the state of New Jersey6
Memorial of Thomas Potts, Junior : who settled in Pennsylvania6
Ten Eyck family record6
The Corwin genealogy (Curwin, Curwen, Corwine) in the United States6
The Keyser family : descendants of Dirck Keyser of Amsterdam6