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History of Barnstable County, Massachusetts : 1620-1637-1686-18905
Rev. John Moore of Newtown, Long Island, and some of his descendants3
Annals of the town of Providence : from its first settlement to the organization of the city government in June, 18323
Early history of Naushon Island3
The history of Cape Cod : annals of thirteen towns of Barnstable County3
Cape Cod Library of Local History and Genealogy, Vol. II3
A genealogy of the families of John Rockwell of Stamford, Conn., 1641 : and Ralph Keeler of Hartford, Conn., 16392
David O'Killia, the immigrant of Old Yarmouth, Massachusetts with his descendants and allied families, 1651-19622
Genealogical notes of Barnstable families2
Annals of our colonial ancestors and their descendants, or, Our Quaker forefathers and their posterity2
Half a century with judges and lawyers2
Romantic days in old Boston : the story of the city and of its people during the nineteenth century2
The descendants of Nathaniel Mowry of Rhode Island2
History of Providence County, Rhode Island2
Edson family history and genealogy : descendants of Samuel Edson of Salem and Bridgewater, Mass.2
Anthony Burns2
The Refugees of 1776 from Long Island to Connecticut2
Georgia Memoirs1
The old records of the town of Fitchburgh, Massachusetts1
Roster of North Carolina troops in the war between the states1
The Ely ancestry : lineage of Richard Ely of Plymouth, England, who came to Boston, Mass., about 16551
The Hamlin family : a genealogy of James Hamlin of Barnstable, Massachusetts, eldest son of James Hamlin1
Descendants of Francis Le Baron of Plymouth, Mass.1
The Lundy family and their decendants of whatsoever surname : with a biographical sketch of Benjamin Lundy1
Simon Stone genealogy : ancestry and descendants of Deacon Simon Stone of Watertown, Mass., 1320-19261
Historical gazetteer of Steuben County, New York : with memoirs and illustrations1
The Sacketts of America1
Descendants of Edward Small of New England : and the allied families with tracings of English ancestry1
History of Danbury, Conn. 1684-18961
Thacher-Thatcher genealogy1
Thomas Joy and his descendants in lines of his sons, Samuel of Boston, Joseph of Hingham, Ephraim of Berwick1
The town and city of Waterbury, Connecticut : from the aboriginal period to the year eighteen hundred and ninety-five1
Memorial of the descendants of the Hon. John Alden1
Semi-centennial of the Providence journal : January 3, 1870.1
History of Essex County, Massachusetts. : with biographical sketches of many of its pioneers and prominent men1
Genealogy of the Chesman family in the United States : from 1713 to 18931
Biographical review : this volume contains biographical sketches of the leading citizens of Hampden County, Massachusetts.1
The Diary of James K. Polk during his presidency, 1845 to 18491
History of the fire department of the city of New Bedford, Massachusetts, 1772-18901
The Jacksons and the Lees : two generations of Massachusetts merchants, 1765-18441
The book of ghosts : ancestral lines of Herbert Drake Halsey, gathered from various sources1
The history of New Bedford, Bristol County, Massachusetts1
One hundred years on Nantucket : 1821-1921.1
History of Suffolk County1
Finney-Phinney families in America1
The Worcester book : a diary of noteworthy events in Worcester, Massachusetts, from 1657 to 18831
Memorials of the Essex Bar Association1
History of the town of Waitsfield, Vermont, 1782-19081
The hundred Boston orators appointed by the municipal authorities and other public bodies, from 1770 to 18521
The town of St. Johnsbury, Vt.1
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