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Ancestry® is giving you more
ways to connect to your family story than ever before.

ThruLines and other new innovations can give you a clearer
and richer view
of your history—so you can make more
personal discoveries, faster.

Introducing new ways to unlock
more of your family history.



Find new potential ancestors who likely connect you to your DNA Matches—and see how you’re all related.


DNA Matches

Now more easily sort, group, and view your DNA matches.

Tree Tags


Add labels to people in your tree to highlight personal details or clarify your research status.

Ancestry Messaging

New Ancestry

Easily collaborate with other Ancestry users with a fresh, new interface.


When you link your family tree to your DNA results, new chapters of your family story may suddenly be revealed. You might find out how your DNA Matches fit into your family tree, and learn new details about the ancestors who likely connect you.

DNA Match
James Davis Father
John Davis Grandfather
Sadye Davis Great Aunt
Lisa Hill 1st Cousin 1x removed
Lucy Hayes
2nd Cousin341 cMs | 19 segments
Ann Bates Great Grandmother
Robert Higgins 2nd Great Grandfather
Potential Ancestor

It shows who my matches are and how they are related to me.”

- Nancy

Ancestry member

The question I’ve
been trying to answer for myself for a year was immediately clear.”

- Monica

Ancestry member

I found additional matches and links I had been missing.”

- Vicki

Ancestry member

DNA Matches

We’re redesigning the DNA Match experience to help you make
more discoveries, faster. Now use color coding, custom labeling, and other innovative new tools to see your DNA connections in the clearest light possible.

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Marcus Smith 1st Cousin Paternal
Keith Smith 1st - 2nd Cousins Maternal
Angela James 2nd - 3rd Cousins Maternal
Starred Matches
Look at Later
James Family Line
Marcus Smith 1st Cousin
Starred Matches
Look at Later
James Family Line

After a short time with these features,
I had two new avenues of research to dig into!

- Jenn Utley

Director of Family History Research, Ancestry


You can now apply new labels known as MyTreeTags to people in your family tree to indicate whether your research is confirmed or unverified. Record personal details like “never married” or “blacksmith” with customizable MyTreeTags and use them as filters to organize your tree.

Olof Hokanson Birth 5 July 1872 • Cache, Utah Death 29 June 1936 • Lincoln, Wyoming 2nd great-grandfather
Actively Researching Brick Wall Orphan

New Ancestry Messaging


Collaborating with other Ancestry users is getting a lot easier. We’ve completely overhauled Ancestry Messaging to allow easy, real-time communication. In the very near future, you will be able to easily search all your messages, compare trees, and even view DNA connections from inside the messaging interface.

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