So little spit,
so much to say about you. 

From ethnic origins to ancestors' journeys, all it takes is a little spit and a DNA kit from Ancestry®.

Quick. Easy. Fun. 

A little spit. Over 500 unique regions. There’s never been a better time to discover your family story. 

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Step 1: Activate

First things first. Before you spit, register your kit. Use the unique code found on both your test tube and instruction card.

Step 2: Spit

Here’s the fun part. Follow the kit’s simple instructions. Spit in the tube, tighten cap, and shake.

Step 3: Ship

Pack it up and ship it out with our prepaid postage. Then mark your calendar. In roughly 6-8 weeks, your results will be ready online.

Step 4: Discover

Get excited. A world of discoveries awaits. We’re talking regions of origin, ancestors’ journeys, personal traits, and more. Take the first step today.