The MyFamilyBot Information Page:

What is MyFamilyBot? Why is it accessing my files?:
MyFamily is creating an index based on a powerful person-based biographical ranking engine that gives superior results over searches done using the more general purpose internet search engines. indexes the biographic text and provides a search service that points users back to the originating website.

MyFamilyBot is the name of a web crawler (a.k.a. robot, spider) used by to find biographical text on the internet in connection with this engine. The crawler works by deeply crawling sites that contain biographical text. We have constructed the bot to limit its affect on site usage to be within the range of that of the large commercial search engines. Sites that do not contain biographical text are examined in a superficial manner.

How do I prevent MyFamilyBot from crawling my site?
MyFamilyBot supports the internet standard protocols for restricting spiders from crawling web sites. These protocols are described here:

How can I contact someone concerning MyFamilyBot?
Please send questions and concerns about MyFamilyBot to