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The AncestryHealth® Approach

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    Customer purchase

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    Clinical oversight - eligibility determination

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    Laboratory testing

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    Clinical oversight - results review

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    Customer results available

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    Next steps

Step 1: Customer purchase

  • A customer purchases AncestryHealth on the Ancestry.com website or on Amazon.1
  • A kit designed for the collection of human saliva samples is mailed to the customer.
  • Within the AncestryHealth online product experience, the customer must answer a short set of questions about their personal and family health history.
  • The customer’s test request is generated.

Step 2: Clinical oversight - eligibility determination

  • The customer’s test request, which includes the customer’s self-reported health history, is submitted confidentially to PWNHealth where each request is evaluated to determine eligibility.
  • If a customer is eligible, a board-certified physician submits a test order to an independent CLIA-certified laboratory.
  • If a customer is not eligible, they are informed via email that their test request was not approved by PWNHealth. Their purchase is refunded.

Step 3: Laboratory testing

  • The customer self-collects a saliva sample and mails it to Ancestry®.
  • Ancestry ships the customer sample to an independent CLIA-certified laboratory where the test is performed. Laboratories are licensed and certified under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA 88) and as applicable by certain State laboratory licensure programs.
  • After the test is performed, a board-certified laboratory director reviews and signs off on the test results and releases the laboratory report to PWNHealth.

Step 4: Clinical oversight - results review

  • PWNHealth reviews the laboratory report and releases results to the AncestryHealth online product experience. PWNHealth genetic counselors conduct clinical outreach for certain results as needed.

Step 5: Customer results available

  • The customer receives an email notification that their test results are available within the AncestryHealth online product experience.
    • The customer logs into AncestryHealth using two-factor authentication.
    • All customers are required to view material that explains the limitations of the test in plain English.
  • All customers receive results in the following formats:
    • For the customer: Within the AncestryHealth online product experience, customers receive a digital report for each health condition. Each digital report is written to convey necessary information about their test results and key takeaways in plain English. Customers may download/print a version of their digital report, if they wish.
    • For the customer to share with a healthcare provider: Within the AncestryHealth online product experience, all customers have access to an easy-to-print report designed to share with a healthcare provider, if they wish. This report, written with healthcare providers in mind, consists of two items:
      • The first is a quick reference guide developed by PWNHealth to convey to a healthcare provider necessary information about the test results as well as clinical recommendations for managing health risk.
      • The second is a laboratory report issued by the independent CLIA-certified laboratory partner where the test was performed. The laboratory report lists the genes tested and detailed descriptions of any pathogenic or likely pathogenic variants detected, if applicable.

Step 6: Next steps

  • Customers may access online genetic counseling resources developed by PWNHealth.
  • Customers may share their test results with a healthcare provider.
  • Customers are cautioned not to make any health-related changes based on their test results without first consulting with a healthcare provider, including any treatment, dietary, or lifestyle changes.

1 If an individual is under 18 years old, has received a bone marrow or stem cell transplant, or lives in NY, NJ, or RI, they are not eligible for AncestryHealth.

AncestryHealth® includes laboratory tests developed and performed by an independent CLIA-certified laboratory partner, and with oversight from an independent clinician network of board-certified physicians and genetic counselors. The test results are not diagnostic and do not determine your overall chance of developing a disease or health condition. The tests are not cleared or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. You should consult a healthcare provider before taking any action based on AncestryHealth® reports, including before making any treatment, dietary, or lifestyle changes. AncestryHealth® is not currently available in New York, New Jersey, or Rhode Island.

is no longer available for purchase.

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