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About PWNHealth

As part of our commitment to your health, Ancestry® has partnered with PWNHealth, an independent group of board-certified physicians and genetic counselors. PWNHealth helps connect people to safe diagnostic and genetic tests.

Ancestry® has partnered with PWNHealth

Care is at the core of your experience.

Built into the AncestryHealth® experience, PWNHealth offers educational resources and access to genetic counselors to help you understand your results and make smarter choices for the future.

A healthcare partner you can trust.

AncestryHealth® includes tests developed and performed by our independent laboratory partners that are reviewed, and if appropriate, ordered by PWNHealth. You can be sure your test is in good hands with the professional oversight provided with your experience—from evaluating test eligibility and reviewing your results to guidance for next steps and genetic counseling support.

PWNHealth added support

Added guidance and support

Health information can be complex. PWNHealth provides access to genetic counselors to help answer questions you might have after receiving your health reports. Not only do genetic counselors offer emotional support, they can also help you understand what your results might mean for you and your family—and what you can do with that information to chart a healthier path forward.

Webinars are also available to people with an increased risk of certain health conditions. A PWNHealth genetic counselor will be available to confidentially respond to questions through direct messages.

To manage your health condition long term, it’s also important that you talk to a healthcare provider.