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Name: Thomas Ellwood Hallowell

Birth: 15 Aug 1839 Maryland, USA

Death: 10 July 1914 North Wales, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Isaac Hallowell

Mother: Sarah Hylerman

Name: Henry B Hallowell

Birth: 17 Jan 1840 New York, USA

Death: 14 Dec 1927 San Diego, San Diego, California, United States

Father: Rifford R. Hallowell

Mother: Amanda Merrio

Name: Alma Lorraine Hallowell

Birth: 7 Jul 1902 KS, USA

Death: 23 Aug 1970 Pleasanton, Linn, Kansas, USA

Father: Claude W. Hallowell

Mother: Jennie L. Palmer

Name: Amy Barrows Hallowell

Birth: 09 Apr 1887 Minden, Kearney, Nebraska, USA

Death: 27 Jan 1960 Franklin, Franklin, New York, USA

Father: Florentius Merrill Hallowell

Mother: Marietta "Etta" Kilbreth

Name: Greenlief Hallowell

Birth: 1 October 1811 Windsor, Kennebec County, Maine, USA

Death: 1877 Jefferson, Lincoln County, Maine, USA

Father: Joel Hallowell

Mother: Rhoda Robinson

Name: Richard Price Hallowell

Birth: 16 Dec 1835 Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania

Death: 5 Jan 1904 West Medford, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Morris Longstreth Hallowell

Mother: Hannah Smith Penrose

Name: John Elgar Hallowell

Birth: 25 Jul 1873 Sandy Spring, Montgomery, Maryland

Death: 22 Sep 1953 Murphysboro, Jackson, Illinois

Father: Henry Clay Hallowell

Mother: Sarah (G8) MILLER

Name: Francis Miller Hallowell

Birth: 04 Oct 1861 Sandy Spring, Montgomery Co., MD

Death: 26 Apr 1920 Sandy Spring, Montgomery Co., MD

Father: Henry Clay Hallowell

Mother: Sarah (G8) MILLER

Name: Charles Shreve Sr. Hallowell

Birth: 18 Dec 1843 Alexandria, Fairfax County, VA

Death: 8 July 1917 Wilmington, New Castle County, DE

Father: Caleb S Hallowell

Mother: Ann Reese Hallowell

Name: Morris Longstreth Hallowell

Birth: 14 Aug 1809 Jenkintown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 16 Jun 1880 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Charles Tyson Hallowell

Mother: Ann Longstreth

Name: John Hallowell

Birth: 27 Feb 1647 Hucknall, Ashfield District, Nottinghamshire, England

Death: 27 Dec 1706 Weldon, Territory of Pennsylvania

Father: John H Hallowell

Mother: Elizabeth Marriott

Name: Martin H Hallowell

Birth: 25 August 1926 Hellertown,Northampton Co.,Pennsylvania

Death: 28 AUG 2013 Bath,Pennsylvania

Father: Arthur Marvin Hallowell

Mother: Elizabeth Irene Sauerwine

Name: Lois A Hallowell

Birth: 22 NOV 1912 Dow City, Crawford, Iowa, USA

Death: 2 Nov 1960 Greene County, Iowa, USA

Father: Joseph Elmer Hallowell

Mother: Daisy Helen Glassbburner


Birth: 22 Aug 1866 Rubicon, Dodge, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 3 MAR 1901 Rubicon, Dodge, Wisconsin

Father: Noah Hallowell


Name: Edna May Hallowell

Birth: 13 Dec 1898 Jefferson, , Lincoln, Maine ,USA

Death: 27 APR 1972 Augusta, Kennebec, Maine, USA

Father: Frederick Dana Hallowell

Mother: Ida M Bowman

Name: John White Hallowell

Birth: 24 Dec 1878 West Medford, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 5 Jan 1927 Milton, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Norwood Penrose Hallowell

Mother: Sarah Wharton Haydock

Name: Jesse Hallowell

Birth: Jul 14, 1760 Moreland, Montgomery Co., Pa

Death: 5 Jan 1827 Moreland, Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania, United States

Father: Thomas Hallowell

Mother: Margaret Tyson

Name: Vincent de Paul Hallowell

Birth: Dec 29, 1888 Lansdale, Montgomery Co., Pa

Death: 29 Jul 1944 Lansdale, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: George Mercy Hallowell

Mother: Elizabeth Layman

Name: Oscar A Hallowell

Birth: 18 Nov 1919 Blackfoot, Bingham, Idaho

Death: 9 Dec 1939 Waldport, Lincoln, Oregon, USA

Father: Henry Ebbert Hallowell

Mother: Della Aramioda Yohe

Name: Antoinette Senzheimer Hallowell

Birth: Nov 16, 1883 Lansdale, Montgomery Co., Pa

Death: May 05, 1956 Lansdale, Montgomery Co., Pa

Father: George Mercy Hallowell

Mother: Elizabeth Layman

Name: George Mercy Hallowell

Birth: 17 Apr 1857 Gwynedd, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 19 Feb 1920 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: John Collum Hallowell

Mother: Mercy Steiner Robbins

Name: Renwick Paul Hallowell

Birth: 28 Nov 1915 Reynoldsville, Jefferson, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 2 Feb 1995 DuBois, Clearfield, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: Joseph Emery "joe" Hallowell

Mother: Sarah M Peirce

Name: Anna Maria Hallowell

Birth: 19 Sept 1842 Scotland

Death: 30 July 1887 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA

Father: Joseph Hellawell

Mother: Ruth Tillotson Noble

Name: Rifford R. Hallowell

Birth: 17 Dec 1816 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 10 Jan 1864 Frankford, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania

Father: Joseph Hallowell

Mother: Martha Evans

Name: Florentius Merrill Hallowell

Birth: 12 Nov 1852 Augusta, Kennebec, Maine, USA

Death: 26 March 1937 Placerville, El Dorado, California, United States

Father: John Hallowell

Mother: Betsey W Gaslin

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