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Name: Isabel Everett

Birth: 25 Feb 1869 Ontario,,,Canada

Death: 01 Apr 1916 Bay City,Bay County,Michigan,United States

Father: Benjamin Everett

Mother: Elizabeth Jennett Guness

Name: Elizabeth Everett

Birth: 17 Nov 1822 Gainesboro, Frederick, Virginia, United States

Death: 3 Mar 1896 Venango, Perkins, Nebraska, USA

Father: John Everett

Mother: Susannah Null

Name: Harriet Frances Sarah Everett

Birth: 7 Nov 1859 Thetford, Norfolk, England

Death: 18 Jan 1891 Thetford, Norfolk, England

Father: John Everett

Mother: Sarah Ann Betts

Name: Matthew Everett

Birth: 25 Nov 1794 Virginia, United States

Death: 17 Jan 1882 Clinton County, MO

Father: Zachariah Averett

Mother: Mary "Polly" W. Tindall

Name: Olive Gertrude Everett

Birth: 11 NOV 1907 Nemo, Morgan Co, Tennessee, USA

Death: 16 August 1982 Harriman, Roane, Tennessee, USA

Father: John W Everett

Mother: Mary L Zumstein

Name: James D L Everett

Birth: 04 Aug 1841 Hennepin, IL

Death: 13 Sep 1917 Norwood, OH

Father: Jeremiah Everett

Mother: Clarissa Everett

Name: Samuel Doster Everett

Birth: 28 January 1809 Georgia or NC

Death: 30 May 1879 Gordon, Georgia, United States

Father: Solomon Everett

Mother: Mary Sarah Doster

Name: Richard Everett

Birth: 03 May 1811 Lincolnshire, Glouchester England

Death: 3 Dec 1902 Walkerton, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada

Father: Thomas Everitt

Mother: Jane Simpson

Name: Sarah Everett

Birth: Apr 1835 Terrell County, Georgia

Death: 11/17/1919 Georgia, United States

Father: James B Everett

Mother: Teressa 1 possibly Parker

Name: Frederick Sweet Everett

Birth: 29 Mar 1901 Arkansas

Death: 9 Nov 1973 Selah, Yakima, Washington, United States of America

Father: Edward Sweet Everett

Mother: Alma Dolly Lockwood

Name: Denis Reginald Everett

Birth: 11 Sep 1920 Croydon, Greater London, England

Death: 31 Aug 2010 Bournemouth, Dorset, England

Father: Albert Everett

Mother: Annie Frances White

Name: John William Everett

Birth: 9 Mar 1831 Weathersfield, Trumbull, Ohio

Death: 20 Jan 1915 Freshwater, Clallam, Washington

Father: Daniel Everett

Mother: Salome/Sarah "Sally Kline

Name: Thomas H Everett

Birth: 1781 Anson County, North Carolina, USA

Death: 7 Sep 1863 Preston, Webster, Georgia, United States

Father: Thomas Everett

Mother: Patience Ann Porter

Name: Forrest M Everett

Birth: 8 Jun 1914 Georgia

Death: 15 Feb 1977 Garden Grove, Orange, California, United States of America

Father: Claude Manuel Everett

Mother: Hattie Mae Langley (Everett)

Name: Alene Louise Everett

Birth: 28 April 1930 Kila, Flathead, Montana, United States

Death: 26 June 2015 Kauai, Hawaii, United States

Father: Ernest Benjamin Everett

Mother: Rena Mae Ernest Cottrell

Name: Gladys Winefred Everett

Birth: 21 Jul 1895 Oklahoma, United States

Death: 23 Apr 1987 Amarillo, Potter, Texas, USA

Father: William Aquilla Everett

Mother: Fannie May See Seay

Name: Isaiah Everett

Birth: 11 April 1752 Sharon, Litchfield County, Connecticut, USA

Death: 4 August 1834 Sharon, Litchfield County, Connecticut, USA

Father: Ebenezer Everett

Mother: Lucy Moulton

Name: George Washington Everett

Birth: 6 March 1889 Pikeville, Bledsoe, Tennessee, USA

Death: 5 November 1979 Pikeville, Bledsoe, Tennessee, USA

Father: Robert W Everett

Mother: Mary Jane Sullivan

Name: Clarence John Everett

Birth: 7 Oct 1898 Sodus, Wayne County, New York, United States of America

Death: 26 Sept 1991 Rochester, Monroe, New York

Father: William Irving Everett

Mother: Jacoba 'Cora' Mary Cornelius

Name: Warren James Everett

Birth: 31 May 1865 Knoxville, Marion, Iowa, United States

Death: 20 Nov 1956 Boonsville, Iowa, United States

Father: John Smith Everett

Mother: Elizabeth (Emeure) Ellen McCown

Name: Gabriel Everett

Birth: 2 Mar 1849 Greenwood, Columbia, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 1920 St Marys, Adams, Indiana, United States

Father: Joseph Everett

Mother: Massie Viola Watts

Name: Thomas Everett

Birth: 1720 Jamaica, Queens, New York, Colonial British America

Death: 17 Nov 1786 Lynn, Northampton (since 1810 Lehigh County), Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Thomas Everitt

Mother: Bathsheba Sands

Name: Higby Everett

Birth: 4 April 1808 Claverack, Columbia, New York, USA

Death: 28 JAN 1890 Neversink, Sullivan, New York, United States

Father: Nehemiah Everett

Mother: Susannah Griffin

Name: Amanda J Everett

Birth: 20 Dec 1859 Wayne County Ohio

Death: 8 Dec 1934 Bryan, Williams, Ohio, United States

Father: Elias Everitt

Mother: Susan Kaiser Everett Evritt


Birth: 20 Oct 1792 Milton Bryant, Bedfordshire, , England

Death: 1 Mar 1876 Perth, New Brunswick, Canada

Father: John Everett

Mother: Mary BURROWS

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