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Name: William T (Sands) Disney

Birth: 08 Jul 1868 Maryland, USA

Death: 03/14/1931 Patuxent, Anne Arundel County, Maryland USA

Father: John Wesley Disney

Mother: Mary Alice Miller

Name: William Disney

Birth: Abt. 1823 London, Middlesex, England

Death: 2 May 1882 Ballarat Railway Station, Ballarat, Victoria

Father: William Disney

Mother: Eliza Crown

Name: William Henry "Harry" Disney

Birth: 17 Aug 1849 Geelong

Death: 23 Nov. 1908 Daylesford Hospital Daylesford Victoria

Father: Charles Herbert Disney

Mother: Sarah Darley

Name: William P. DISNEY

Birth: 7 Jul 1871 Knox, Kentucky, United States

Death: 24 Nov 1934 Whitley Co., KY

Father: John Parks "JP" Disney

Mother: ollie disney Nelson

Name: William Henry Disney

Birth: 7 Mar 1878 Canada

Death: 17 Apr 1958 Maricopa, Arizona

Father: Kepple Disney

Mother: Mary Richardson

Name: William F Disney

Birth: Apr 1850 Maryland

Death: 30 August 1904 Baltimore City, Maryland, USA

Father: Benjamin E. Disney

Mother: Rachel Garrison

Name: William Disney

Birth: 16 April 1798 Draycrott, Derbyshire, England

Death: Abt Apr 1861 Draycott, Derbyshire, England, United Kingdom

Father: James Disney

Mother: Jane Wild

Name: William Alfred Disney

Birth: 11 February 1813 Anne Arundel County, Maryland, USA

Death: 28 Feb 1883 Milford, Knox, Ohio, United States

Father: William I. Disney

Mother: Amelia Elliott Pumphrey

Name: William I. Disney

Birth: 17 Dec 1778 Anne Arundel, Maryland, USA

Death: 30 Mar 1842 Milford, Knox, Ohio, USA

Father: Captain James Disney

Mother: Rachel Pickett

Name: William Disney

Birth: 14 Oct 1883 Durham, Ontario, Canada

Death: 1965 York, Toronto, Ontario

Father: Edwin Disney

Mother: Rebecca Hillis

Name: William Thomas DISNEY

Birth: 12 May 1884 Baltimore, Md

Death: September 12, 1944 Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Father: William F Disney

Mother: Mary Frances "Molly" Dudrow Disney

Name: William Oscar "Willie" Disney

Birth: December 10, 1860 Mount Vernon, Knox, Ohio, USA

Death: 21 Nov 1947 Ness City, Ness County, Kansas

Father: Leroy Swampstead Disney

Mother: Harriet Rosanna Anders

Name: William Disney

Birth: 2 Feb 1839 Kilkenny, Ireland

Death: 8 Dec 1915 Clonmel, Tipperary, Ireland

Father: Margaret Ryan

Mother: Margaret Ryan

Name: William (Herman) Irvin Porter Disney

Birth: 17 Dec 1865 MD

Death: 7 May 1938 Gloucester, Virginia, USA

Father: Richard Porter Disney

Mother: Elizabeth Cole

Name: William Jasper Disney

Birth: Jul 1830 Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Death: 9 Apr 1911 Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Father: Lloyd Spurrier Disney

Mother: Mary Ann Disney

Name: William Disney

Birth: 1667 Brent Eleigh, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom

Death: 20 Jun 1721 Anne Arundel, Maryland, USA

Father: Richard Disney

Mother: Ann Wightman

Name: William M Disney

Birth: 11 Sep 1861 Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee, United States

Death: 01 Mar 1911 Decatur, Macon, Illinois, United States

Father: Joseph F Disney

Mother: Eliza Louisa Taylor Sieber

Name: William Briggs Disney

Birth: 22 July 1853 Carlisle, Warren, Iowa, USA

Death: 1 Jul 1914 Van Buren, Crawford, Arkansas

Father: George N Disney

Mother: Anne Elizabeth Anderson

Name: William Disney

Birth: 1790 Kilkenny, Ireland

Death: Not Available

Father: Arthur Disney

Mother: Mary Lane

Name: William Disney

Birth: 1724 England

Death: Abt. 1765 Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Father: John Disney

Mother: Mary Martha Harris Disney

Name: William Disney

Birth: 08 Nov 1819 Willoughby, Nottinghamshire, England

Death: 17th June 1895 Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

Father: Thomas Disney

Mother: Mary Reynolds

Name: William Disney

Birth: Mar 1898 Clonmel, Tipperary, Ireland

Death: 2 May 1950 New York, New York, USA

Father: Simon Disney

Mother: Margaret Mahony

Name: William Henry Disney

Birth: 29 May 1873 Brazilton, Crawford County, Kansas, United States of America

Death: 8 Apr 1942 Olathe, Johnson, Kansas, USA

Father: William Martin Disney

Mother: Julia Ann Nimerick Disney

Name: William Daniel Disney

Birth: 1816 Lowestoft, Norfolk, England

Death: 1903 Lowestoft, Suffolk, England

Father: Henry Beverley Disney

Mother: Mary Ruthen

Name: William Albrecht DISNEY

Birth: 21 Dec 1904 Baltimore, Maryland

Death: 27 Jun 1947 Maryland

Father: John G Disney

Mother: Caroline W Albrecht

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