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NAME: Walter Wallace Briscoe

BIRTH: 30 Aug 1893 Fresno County, California, USA

DEATH: 01 Jul 1944 Fresno County, California, USA

FATHER: Robert Walter Briscoe

MOTHER: Elizabeth Caroline Mugg

NAME: Walter Hanson Stone Briscoe

BIRTH: 20 Mar 1801 Charles, Maryland, United States

DEATH: 30 Dec 1885 Sotterley, St. Mary's, Maryland, USA

FATHER: William Dent Briscoe

MOTHER: Sarah Hough Stone

NAME: Walter Briscoe

BIRTH: 21 May 1742 St. Mary's County, Maryland, United States of America

DEATH: 1785 River, Johnson, Kentucky, USA

FATHER: Dr. Philip T Briscoe

MOTHER: Cassandra Chunn

NAME: Walter Hanson Stone Briscoe

BIRTH: 21 Aug 1851 St. Mary's County, Maryland

DEATH: 22 Aug 1922 St Mary's County, Maryland, USA

FATHER: Walter Hanson Stone Briscoe

MOTHER: Emeline Dallam Wellmore

NAME: Walter Cole Briscoe

BIRTH: 25 July 1887 Westfield, Clark County, Illinois, USA

DEATH: 4 December 1955 Westfield, Clark County, Illinois, USA

FATHER: Mumford Laws Briscoe

MOTHER: Melissa Fisher 'Lissa' Smith

NAME: Walter Crawford Briscoe

BIRTH: 25 May 1868 Blountville, Sullivan, Tennessee, USA

DEATH: 1 Apr 1926 Los Angeles, California, USA

FATHER: John Peter Briscoe

MOTHER: Margaret Ann Rogan

NAME: Walter Briscoe

BIRTH: 11 MAR 1820 Jefferson Co., Kentucky, USA

DEATH: 21 December 1887 Westfield, Clark County, Illinois, USA



NAME: Walter Jefferson (Buddy) Briscoe

BIRTH: 4 Dec 1909 Okmulgee, Okmulgee, Oklahoma, United States

DEATH: 25 SEP 1990 Muskogee, Ok. (buried in Okmulgee, Ok

FATHER: John Samuel Briscoe

MOTHER: Lydia Ann (Liddie) McGuire

NAME: Walter Clyde Briscoe

BIRTH: 29 Aug 1897 Greta, New South Wales, Australia

DEATH: 6//7//1977 New South Wales, Australia

FATHER: Alfred Edward Briscoe

MOTHER: Jane Anne Rostron

NAME: Walter Briscoe

BIRTH: 15 JAN 1902 Morgan County Alabama

DEATH: 23 Feb 1975 Cullman, Cullman, Alabama, United States

FATHER: Thomas Huell White Briscoe

MOTHER: Julie Elizabeth Jane Dodd

NAME: Walter Jasper Briscoe

BIRTH: 13 Mar 1882 Triplett, Chariton, Missouri, USA

DEATH: 16 AUG 1976 Okmulgee, Oklahoma

FATHER: Van Allen Briscoe

MOTHER: Mary Elizabeth Howard

NAME: Walter Henry Briscoe

BIRTH: 27 Mar 1888 Harwood, Cass, (North) Dakota Territory, USA

DEATH: 19 feb 1969 Fargo, Cass, North Dakota, United States of America

FATHER: Charles Albert Briscoe

MOTHER: Nellie May Beals

NAME: Walter Robert Briscoe

BIRTH: Dec 1837 Lewis, Missouri, United States

DEATH: 30 Aug 1911 Fresno, Fresno, California, United States

FATHER: Walter David Briscoe

MOTHER: Elizabeth Ann "Eliza" Waggener

NAME: Walter Lova Briscoe

BIRTH: 12 May 1871 Marshall, Clark, Illinois USA

DEATH: 9 August 1926 Highlands, Florida, United States

FATHER: Allen Billingsley Briscoe

MOTHER: Mary Jane Corey

NAME: Walter Leander (Lee) Briscoe

BIRTH: 08 SEP 1885 Iredell, Bosque, Co., TX

DEATH: 10 Mar 1964 Quanah, Hardeman, Texas, USA

FATHER: Granville C Brisco

MOTHER: Mary Susan Elizabeth Pierce

NAME: Walter Briscoe

BIRTH: 13 Oct 1829 Ontario

DEATH: 2 May 1916 Newburgh, Lennox and Addington, Ontario, Canada

FATHER: Nathan Briscoe

MOTHER: Mary Huffman

NAME: Walter David Briscoe

BIRTH: 18 Jun 1850 Durham, Lewis, Missouri, USA

DEATH: 11 Jun 1932 Monticello, Lewis, Missouri, USA

FATHER: Stephen Briscoe

MOTHER: Belinda E Shobe

NAME: Walter Joseph Briscoe

BIRTH: 20 APR 1831 Hardin, Kentucky, United States

DEATH: 05 May 1909 Lewis, Missouri, USA

FATHER: John Henton Briscoe

MOTHER: Mahala Van Meter

NAME: Walter Frederick Briscoe

BIRTH: 5 Oct 1907 Clapham, London

DEATH: February 1992 Hounslow, London

FATHER: William Briscoe

MOTHER: Hannah Crane

NAME: Walter David Briscoe

BIRTH: 8 Oct 1809 Hardin, Kentucky, United States

DEATH: 16 Sep 1853 Lewis, Missouri, United States

FATHER: Walter H Briscoe

MOTHER: Hester Henton

NAME: Walter Thomas Briscoe

BIRTH: Sep 1864 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England

DEATH: 5 May 1899 Lodge Hill Cemetry Selly Oak

FATHER: Richard Briscoe

MOTHER: Emma Elizabeth Brookes

NAME: Walter Charles Briscoe

BIRTH: Apr 1854 Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire, England

DEATH: Jan 1896 Lambeth, Surrey, England

FATHER: William Briscoe

MOTHER: Emily Dodwell

NAME: Walter H Briscoe

BIRTH: 17 Nov 1775 Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH: 16 Sep 1855 Lewis, Missouri, United States

FATHER: Walter Briscoe

MOTHER: Elizabeth Compton

NAME: Walter W Briscoe

BIRTH: 10 Feb 1879 Elsberry, Lincoln, Missouri, USA

DEATH: 18 Jun 1914 Mexico, Audrain, Missouri, USA

FATHER: Ralph Delishmutt Briscoe

MOTHER: Emily Elizabeth Bowles

NAME: Walter Semour Briscoe

BIRTH: 7 Apr 1877 Morgan County, Alabama, USA

DEATH: 20 Oct 1959 Paris, Lamar Co., Texas, USA

FATHER: Thomas Hugh Lawson Briscoe

MOTHER: Amanda Coulter