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Name: Sarah "Sallie" Eliza Outlaw

Birth: 26 February 1843 Kenansville, Duplin County, North Carolina, USA

Death: 11 November 1887 Duplin County, North Carolina, United States of America

Father: George 014B Outlaw

Mother: Mary Hester Whitfield

Name: Sarah Jane Outlaw

Birth: 7 Apr 1848 Alabama, United States

Death: May 03, 1921 Bradley County Arkansas

Father: James Morgan OUTLAW

Mother: Sarah Bollins

Name: Sarah Elizabeth Outlaw

Birth: 13 Dec 1858 HOUSTON CO, TN

Death: 10 Jan 1901 Erin, Houston, Tennessee, USA

Father: John H. Outlaw

Mother: Louisa Agnes James

Name: Sarah Jane Outlaw

Birth: 13 Mar 1874 Dekalb, Kershaw, South Carolina, USA

Death: 14 Mar 1954 Columbia, Richland County, SC, USA

Father: Richard Francis Outlaw

Mother: Charlotte Rebecca Jordan

Name: Sarah Alice Outlaw

Birth: 25 Dec 1879 Town Creek, Brunswick County, North Carolina, USA

Death: 10 Aug 1949 Wilmington, New Hanover, North Carolina, USA

Father: Kendrick Sunday Outlaw


Name: Sarah A. "Sallie" Outlaw

Birth: 15 FEB 1867 Illinois

Death: 07 SEP 1939 Eastland, Eastland County, Texas

Father: Elvy Outlaw

Mother: Narcissa Cheshire

Name: Sarah Catherine "Katie" Outlaw

Birth: 22 May 1860 Missouri, United States

Death: 9 October 1920 El Dorado, Butler County, Kansas, United States of America

Father: James Monroe 1829 TN OUTLAW

Mother: Sarah Billingsley

Name: Sarah Margaret Outlaw

Birth: 19 Aug 1834 Stewart, Tennessee, USA

Death: 25 Dec 1856 Stewart, Tennessee, USA

Father: Seth Outlaw

Mother: Margaret Peggy Tayloe

Name: Sarah Elizabeth Outlaw

Birth: 14 Apr 1874 Fairfield, South Carolina, USA

Death: 20 Nov 1931 Kershaw, South Carolina, USA

Father: John "Jack" Ellis Outlaw

Mother: Martha Ann Humphries

Name: Sarah V Outlaw

Birth: 1810 Stewart County, Tennessee, USA

Death: Sep 1854 Stewart County, Tennessee, USA

Father: Wright Outlaw

Mother: Susannah "Susan" Bird

Name: Sarah "Sallie" Louise Outlaw

Birth: 22 Nov. 1887 Goldsboro, Wayne, North Carolina, USA

Death: 21 December 1973 Dunn, Harnett County, North Carolina, USA

Father: Needham Bryant Outlaw

Mother: Nancy Annie Collier Whitfield

Name: Sarah Rebecca Outlaw

Birth: February 17, 1866 Wilcox County, Alabama

Death: 2 Oct 1940 Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama

Father: James M Outlaw

Mother: Harriett McGee

Name: Sarah Marie Outlaw

Birth: 2 JAN 1919 Camden, SC

Death: 04/23/1986 Lancaster, Lancaster, South Carolina

Father: Alex John Outlaw

Mother: Effie Ellis

Name: Sarah Rebecca Outlaw

Birth: 19 Feb 1864 Bastrop, Bastrop, Texas, USA

Death: 21 Nov 1898 Elgin, Bastrop, Texas, USA

Father: David Edward Outlaw

Mother: Sarah Elizabeth Erwin

Name: Sarah Virginia Outlaw

Birth: 29 Apr 1932 Sherman, Grayson Co., Tx

Death: 1 Jan 2000 Abilene, Taylor Co., Tx

Father: Wilburn Bill Outlaw

Mother: Leola Mary Davault

Name: Sarah Ann Sally Outlaw

Birth: 1834 North Carolina

Death: 1888 Duplin, North Carolina, USA

Father: Jesse Outlaw War of 1812

Mother: Ann Jernigan

Name: Sarah Virginia Outlaw

Birth: 5 Oct 1893 Brownsviille, Haywood, Tennessee, USA

Death: 5 Oct 1957 Brownsville, Haywood, Tennessee

Father: Samuel Outlaw

Mother: Martha West

Name: Sarah Stone Outlaw

Birth: 31 Aug 1841 Raleigh, Durham County, North Carolina

Death: 22 Apr 1915 HAMILTON, HARRIS CO., GA

Father: William Thomas Mackay Outlaw

Mother: Margaret Eliza Henderson

Name: Sarah Outlaw

Birth: abt 1780 Bertie County, North Carolina, USA

Death: 1879 North Carolina

Father: Aaron Outlaw

Mother: Mary Prudence? Outlaw

Name: Sarah Frances Outlaw

Birth: 12 Dec 1816 Bertie, North Carolina, USA

Death: est 1875 Windsor, Bertie, North Carolina, USA

Father: Ralph Edward Outlaw

Mother: Elizabeth Cherry

Name: Sarah Dean Outlaw

Birth: 5 Nov 1925 Arkansas

Death: 26 Jan 1987 Hope, Hempstead, Arkansas, USA

Father: Albert Wesley Outlaw

Mother: Irma Jewel Glennon

Name: Sarah Frances Outlaw

Birth: 1 May 1843 Windsor, Bertie, North Carolina, USA

Death: 27 Jan 1924 Spokane, Spokane, Washington

Father: Madison Outlaw

Mother: Sarah Frances Ryan Jones

Name: Sarah Merle Outlaw

Birth: 16 Nov 1915 Coy, Wilcox County, Alabama

Death: 26 Jun 2008 Montgomery, Alabama

Father: James Riley Outlaw

Mother: Lillie Mae Mayo

Name: Sarah Elizabeth Outlaw

Birth: 24 Apr 1886 Wells Next The Sea, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom

Death: Mar 1976 Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom

Father: James Josiah Outlaw

Mother: Sarah Ann Matthews

Name: Sarah Ann Outlaw

Birth: 05 FEB 1843 Fulbourn, Cambridgeshire

Death: 22 Jan 1924 Chesterton, Cambridgeshire, England

Father: John Outlaw

Mother: Sarah Mott Mason

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