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NAME: Samuel Morey

BIRTH: 23 Oct 1762 Oxford, Grafton, New Hampshire, United States

DEATH: 17 Apr 1843 Fairlee, Orange, Vermont, USA

FATHER: Israel Morey

MOTHER: Martha Palmer


BIRTH: 19 Aug 1727 Norton, Bristol Co, Massachusetts, USA

DEATH: 15 Dec 1798 Norton, Bristol Co, Massachusetts, USA

FATHER: George Morey

MOTHER: Elizabeth Hodges

NAME: Samuel Morey

BIRTH: 10 FEB 1811 Havant, Hampshire, England

DEATH: 23 Aug 1896 Howitt St, Sth Yarra, Victoria, Australia

FATHER: Henry Morey

MOTHER: Hannah Rummey

NAME: Samuel George Morey

BIRTH: 20 APR 1869 Eaglehawk, Victoria

DEATH: 1951 Heidelberg, Victoria

FATHER: Samuel Smith Morey

MOTHER: Sarah J Henderson

NAME: Samuel D. Washburn Morey

BIRTH: 29 Jun 1824 Marbletown, New York

DEATH: 12 Mar 1896 Newburgh, N.Y

FATHER: William R B Morey

MOTHER: Mary Anne Washburn

NAME: Samuel John Morey

BIRTH: 29 May 1885 Mundy, Genesee, Michigan, USA

DEATH: 17 FEB 1920 Linden, MI, USA

FATHER: Edward Arthur Morey

MOTHER: Susan Arminda Hunt

NAME: Samuel Morey

BIRTH: 13 Feb 1785 Havant, Hampshire, , England

DEATH: 7 Feb 1868 Havant, Hampshire, , England

FATHER: Samuel Morey


NAME: Samuel Morey

BIRTH: 1796 New York

DEATH: 27 July 1882 Michigan, United States of America

FATHER: Linsford Morey

MOTHER: Nancy Didana Stimpson

NAME: Samuel Morey

BIRTH: 12 Nov 1769 Stratford, Orange, Vermont, USA

DEATH: 16 January 1813 Strafford, Vermont, USA

FATHER: Zenas Morey

MOTHER: Abigail Ellis

NAME: Samuel Morey

BIRTH: 14 Jun 1770 Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, United States

DEATH: 10 March 1852 Milton Center, Saratoga County, New York, USA

FATHER: Thomas Morey

MOTHER: Sarah Crosby

NAME: Samuel Cilley Morey

BIRTH: 1805 Andover NH

DEATH: 28 Dec 1853 Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA


MOTHER: Mary Polly Woodbury

NAME: Samuel Philip Morey

BIRTH: 27 Sep 1879 Lit Egg Harbor, Burlington, New Jersey

DEATH: Feb 1965 Wildwood, Cape May, New Jersey, United States

FATHER: Samuel L Morey

MOTHER: Mary Karr

NAME: Samuel Edward Morey

BIRTH: Abt 1634 Dorset, England

DEATH: 1681 Stourpaine, Dorset, England

FATHER: Richardus Morey

MOTHER: Rebecha New

NAME: Samuel L Morey

BIRTH: 27 Dec 1840 Tuckerton, Burlington County, New Jersey

DEATH: 20 Feb 1943


MOTHER: Rachel Camp

NAME: Samuel Morey

BIRTH: 20 Jun 1800 Smithfield Providence, RI

DEATH: 18 June 1867 Saybrook, Ashtabula County, Ohio, United States of America

FATHER: Nathaniel Mowry

MOTHER: Huldah Caroline Jenks

NAME: Samuel Timothy Morey

BIRTH: 20 Mar 1797 Fairlee, Orange, Vermont, USA

DEATH: 1872 Fairlee, Orange, Vermont, USA

FATHER: Moulton Ware Morey

MOTHER: Patty Frizzell

NAME: Samuel Morey

BIRTH: 1 Aug 1829 New York

DEATH: 15 Jan 1910 Onsted, Lenawee, Michigan, USA

FATHER: Joseph Morey

MOTHER: Anna Cleveland Kinney

NAME: Samuel Morey

BIRTH: 31 October 1793 Tyringham, Berkshire, Massachusetts, USA

DEATH: May 1873 Otto, Cattaraugus County, New York, United States of America

FATHER: Edy Morey

MOTHER: Levina Culver

NAME: Samuel Morey

BIRTH: Oct 1809 Fairfield, Franklin, Vermont, USA

DEATH: 23 Nov 1866 Fairfield, Franklin, Vermont, USA

FATHER: William Morey

MOTHER: Celia Pauline "Siley" Wait

NAME: Samuel William Morey

BIRTH: 1842 New York

DEATH: 31 May 1875 Ravenna, Muskegon, Michigan, United States

FATHER: Samuel Morey

MOTHER: Polly Ireland

NAME: Samuel Morey

BIRTH: 30 Sep 1875 New Jersey, USA

DEATH: 1932 Millville Cumberland Co New Jersey

FATHER: Samuel L Morey

MOTHER: Mary Karr

NAME: Samuel Morey

BIRTH: 1840 Havant, Hampshire, England

DEATH: Jun 1922 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England



NAME: Samuel Foote Morey

BIRTH: 15 November 1845 Quebec, Canada

DEATH: 4 October 1926 Montreal, Quebec, Canada

FATHER: Thomas S Morey

MOTHER: Hulda Jane Foote

NAME: Samuel Morey

BIRTH: 14 Jun 1814 Strafford, Orange, Vermont, United States

DEATH: 16 Mar 1897 Shrewsbury, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States

FATHER: Joshua Morey

MOTHER: Lucinda Pennock

NAME: Samuel Gilderoy Morey

BIRTH: 1837 Warehorn, Kent

DEATH: 7 August 1913 Killicks Cottages, Yalding, Kent


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