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Name: Richard Woodward

Birth: 1487 Merston, Warwickshire, England

Death: 16 Sep 1552 Avon Dassett, Warwickshire, England

Father: John IV Woodward

Mother: Lady Petronilla Clinton

Name: Richard Woodward

Birth: 31 Dec 1874 Camden, NJ

Death: 27 Jan 1936 Pittsburgh, PA

Father: William Richard Woodward

Mother: Mary Anna Plum

Name: Richard Howard Woodward

Birth: 8 Oct 1737 Thornbury, Chester, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 4 Dec 1815 Fayette City, Fayette, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: John Woodward

Mother: Ann Pyle

Name: Richard WOODWARD

Birth: Abt. 1808 Great Sankey, Lancashire, England

Death: Feb 1872 Cronton, Lancashire

Father: Richard WOODWARD

Mother: Ellen Forster

Name: Richard Jasper Woodward

Birth: 27 Dec 1831 Buncombe County, North Carolina, USA

Death: 19 Feb 1905 Tennessee, United States

Father: Thomas Woodward

Mother: Matilda Anderson

Name: Richard Woodward

Birth: Feb 1814 Press Ashover Derbyshire

Death: 19 May 1889 North Wingfield Derbyshire

Father: James Woodward

Mother: Nelley (Ellen) Bamford

Name: Richard H Woodward

Birth: 28 Nov 1845 Henrico County, Virginia, United States of America

Death: 20 Jun 1917 Chattanooga, Hamilton, Tennessee

Father: William Henry Woodward

Mother: Salina Gabes

Name: Richard Woodward

Birth: 17 May 1637 Acton, Cheshire, England

Death: 07 Dec 1706 Middletown Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Thomas Woodward

Mother: Elizabeth Corbett

Name: Richard Ivo John WOODWARD

Birth: abt 1881 Coombes, Oxfordshire, England

Death: Not Available

Father: John Woodward

Mother: Emma Rathband

Name: Richard Woodward

Birth: 15 Jul 1861 Prescot, Lancashire, England

Death: 9 Jun 1932 Auburn, New South Wales, Australia

Father: Richard Woodward

Mother: Elizabeth Forrest

Name: Richard Woodward

Birth: 1589 Ipswich, Suffolk, , England

Death: 16 Feb 1665 Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States

Father: William Woodward

Mother: Elizabeth Tyrer

Name: Richard Woodward

Birth: 1460 Shropshire, England

Death: Feb 1517 Ashford, Kent, England

Father: Lord Robert (Dymoke) Willoughby van Wollaton

Mother: Lady Cecily Margaret Welles

Name: Richard Alburn Woodward

Birth: 27 Jun 1924 Sorgho, Daviess County, Kentucky, USA

Death: 12 Feb 2000 New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana, USA

Father: Joseph Lamar Woodward

Mother: Nadine Susan Willett

Name: Richard Gibson WOODWARD

Birth: 29 Oct 1900 Clifton Hill, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Death: 1981 NZ

Father: Frank WOODWARD

Mother: Lavinia Jane Allen

Name: Richard Woodward

Birth: 1685 Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

Death: 16 Sep 1793 Culpeper, Virginia, United States

Father: Henry Woodward

Mother: Elizabeth T (Tyrer/Tyson) Woodard #2

Name: Richard Newman Woodward

Birth: 25 Jul 1885 Harrisville, Queensland, Australia

Death: 4 Dec 1943 Queensland, Australia 1943/C547

Father: Thomas Woodward

Mother: Sarah Ann Parcell

Name: Richard Mills Woodward

Birth: 26 Oct 1837 Clarksburg, Harrison, West Virginia, United States

Death: 20 Mar 1920 Sharon, Barber, Kansas, USA

Father: John Mills Woodyard/Woodward

Mother: Susannah E Gillis

Name: Richard Halliday Woodward

Birth: 20 Nov 1903 Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Death: 14 Feb 1988 Sandy Spring, Montgomery, Maryland, USA

Father: Henry "Harry" Wells Woodward

Mother: Lena Carolyn Freeman

Name: Richard Clarkson Woodward

Birth: 01/06/1900 Gebo, Montana, USA

Death: 22 Aug 1980 El Dorado, Butler Co KS

Father: Frederick Charles WOODWARD

Mother: Sadie M Ivers

Name: Richard Esmond Woodward

Birth: 23 Jan 1894 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Death: 7 Nov 1950 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Father: Richard Woodward

Mother: Clara Cole

Name: Richard John Woodward

Birth: 12 Dec 1898 Perranzabuloe, Cornwall, England

Death: 10 May 1964 Redruth, Cornwall, England

Father: Thomas Woodward

Mother: Susan Paull

Name: Richard Woodward

Birth: 26 April 1890 Sylvania, Racine, Wisconsin

Death: 31 January 1973 Racine, Racine, Wisconsin, United States of America

Father: Henry Woodward

Mother: Elizabeth (Betsy) Mathers

Name: Richard Albert Woodward

Birth: 25 Dec 1863 Sorgho, Daviess, Kentucky, United States

Death: Aug 1956 Evansville, Vanderbugh, IN

Father: John Richard Woodward

Mother: Christena Mullican

Name: Richard Woodward

Birth: 26 Sep 1677 Newton, Middlesex, MA, USA

Death: 23 Nov 1739 Canterbury, Windham, CT, USA

Father: Richard Woodward

Mother: Jane Nyle

Name: Richard (son of mary) WOODWARD

Birth: 14 May 1815 Astley, Lancashire, England

Death: 07 Jun 1891 Newton in Makerfield, Lancashire, England

Father: Private

Mother: Mary (a.hill) Woodward

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