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Name: Rebecca Glover

Birth: 23 Sep 1860 Sullivan, Tennessee

Death: 26 Nov 1933 Bristol, Sullivan, Tennessee

Father: James Glover

Mother: Rebecca ELIZAbeth (Betty) Berry

Name: Rebecca Glover

Birth: 7 Mar 1857 Lindley Twp, Mercer County, Missouri

Death: 10 August 1929 Saline, Lindley Twp., Mercer County, Missouri

Father: John Glover

Mother: Agnes Clarinda Seymour

Name: Rebecca Glover

Birth: 19 Sep 1812 New Jersey

Death: 12 Jan 1857 Columbiana County, Ohio, USA

Father: William Glover

Mother: Hannah Stiles

Name: Rebecca Leona Glover

Birth: 11 Jun 1883 Mississippi

Death: 27 MAR 1955 Richlierg Hill, Forrest, Mississippi, United States

Father: William S Glover

Mother: Medora A. Sherman

Name: Rebecca Glover

Birth: 06 Apr 1800 Sullivan County, Tennessee, United States of America

Death: 19 Dec 1882 Estill County, Kentucky, USA

Father: Richard Glover

Mother: Rebecca Mary Carr

Name: Rebecca Glover

Birth: Oct 1879 Hazel Slade, Staffordshire, England

Death: Jun 1968 Gloucester City, Camden, New Jersey, USA

Father: Frederick Glover

Mother: Mary Ann Bateman

Name: Rebecca Jane Glover

Birth: 2 Jul 1851 Tasmania, Australia

Death: 06 Jun 1916 Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

Father: Charles Glover

Mother: Rebecca Brown

Name: Rebecca Glover

Birth: Jun 1824 Hardy County, VA

Death: 9 March 1901 Virginia, USA

Father: Alfred Glover

Mother: Jane Finch

Name: Rebecca Ann Glover

Birth: 23 Dec 1854 Hornell, Steuben, New York, USA

Death: October 1919 New York, USA

Father: William Glover

Mother: Ann Glover

Name: Rebecca Ann Becky Glover

Birth: 5 Feb 1879 Marion County, West Virginia, United States

Death: 16 Jan 1941 Marion Co, West Virginia

Father: Leonard Glover

Mother: Elizabeth Kinney

Name: Rebecca Glover

Birth: May 1862 Sullivan County, Tennesse

Death: 12 may 1926 Sullivan County, Tennesse

Father: James Glover

Mother: Rebecca ELIZAbeth (Betty) Berry

Name: Rebecca Harpalacy Glover

Birth: 3 October 1845 Talladega, Alabama

Death: 8 Nov 1931 Tarrant, Texas

Father: Nathaniel Glover

Mother: Jeretta W Margaret Sims

Name: Rebecca J. Glover

Birth: Mar 1870 Retroe, Tennessee

Death: 15 Mar 1912 Chattanooga, Hamilton

Father: John Delana "Lane" Glover

Mother: Kissiah M. Overton

Name: Rebecca Glover

Birth: August 1, 1818 Fayette County, Indiana

Death: 28 Mar 1898 Indiana

Father: William Zachariah Glover

Mother: Elizabeth Henderson

Name: Rebecca M./Rebeka Glover

Birth: 4 Mar 1838 Sullivan Co., TN, United States

Death: 29 Jan 1910 Bluff City, Sullivan, TN, United States

Father: Alfred J. Glover

Mother: Nancy Hicks

Name: Rebecca Glover

Birth: 27 May 1857 Prospect, New South Wales, Australia

Death: August 1944 Bega, New South Wales, Australia

Father: George Glover

Mother: Jane Ralph

Name: Rebecca Glover

Birth: abt 1890 St Lukes, London

Death: 1983 Soham, Cambridgeshire, , England

Father: thomas Glover

Mother: Catherine Elizabeth Brockett

Name: Rebecca Glover

Birth: 7 May 1745 Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA

Death: May 09, 1819 Stockbridge, MA

Father: Benjamin Glover

Mother: Mary Burwell

Name: Rebecca Jessie Glover

Birth: Abt. 1873 Maitland, New South Wales, Australia

Death: 31 May 1942 Muswellbrook, New South Wales, Australia

Father: George Glover

Mother: Isabella Knott

Name: Rebecca Glover

Birth: ABT 1886 Warrington, Lancashire, England

Death: March 1953 Warrington, Lancashire, England

Father: Henry Glover

Mother: Rebecca Price

Name: Rebecca Glover

Birth: 18 Mar 1853 Stockport, Heaton Norris, Lancashire, England

Death: 08 Nov 1938 Westport, New Zealand

Father: John Glover

Mother: Rebecca Cox

Name: Rebecca Glover

Birth: 27 Aprill 1836 Carleton Rode, Norfolk, England

Death: 1922 Norfolk, England

Father: George Glover

Mother: Ann Standley

Name: Rebecca Alice Glover

Birth: 23/2/1817 Pudsey, Yorkshire, England

Death: 13/3/1886 Bradford Yorkshire, England

Father: William Glover

Mother: Hannah Dean

Name: Rebecca Glover

Birth: 30 Nov 1801 Frederick Co., Virginia

Death: 19 DEC 1882 Van Wert CO OH

Father: Richard Glover

Mother: Millie Shackelford

Name: Rebecca M Rebekah Glover

Birth: 4 Mar 1838 Sullivan Co, , Tennessee, USA

Death: 29 Jan 1910 Bluff City, Sullivan, Tennessee, USA

Father: John R. Glover

Mother: Nancy Lewis Hicks

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