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NAME: Mary Mae Catherine Curtis

BIRTH: 4 May 1913 New York

DEATH: 20 June 1985 Dansville, Livingston, New York, United States

FATHER: Frank Curtis

MOTHER: Mildred Curtis

NAME: MARY Ann Curtis

BIRTH: 04 May 1813 Down Hurstbourne, Hampshire, England

DEATH: 01 Feb 1889 Kingsclere, Hampshire, England, UK

FATHER: Joseph Curtis

MOTHER: Mary Ann Bennett

NAME: Mary Tryphena Curtis

BIRTH: 05 Jul 1841 Soperton, Leeds, Ontario, Canada

DEATH: 2 Sep 1911 Pentland, Luce, Michigan, USA

FATHER: Northrop Curtis

MOTHER: Elizabeth "Betsy" Smyth

NAME: Mary Bigg Curtis

BIRTH: 27 Sep 1892 Armidale, New South Wales

DEATH: 21 Jan 1929 Denholm Private Hospital Woollahra, New South Wales

FATHER: Henry Welch Curtis

MOTHER: Emily Augusta Bigg

NAME: Mary Samantha Curtis

BIRTH: 4 January 1917 Lake, Crivitz, Marinette, Wisconsin

DEATH: 17 Mar 2012 Crivitz, Marinette County, Wisconsin, USA

FATHER: William Henry Curtis

MOTHER: Nettie Alice Hayes

NAME: Mary Alice Curtis

BIRTH: 11 Feb 1870 Defiance, Ohio

DEATH: 19 Aug 1955 Defiance Co., OH

FATHER: Chauncy Ezra Curtis

MOTHER: Christiana Rohn (Roan)

NAME: Mary Jane Curtis

BIRTH: 05 May 1891 Ryhope, Durham, England

DEATH: July 5th 1962 4 South Terrace, Southwick, Sunderland, England

FATHER: James Thomas Curtis

MOTHER: Honor Naggs

NAME: Mary Grace Curtis

BIRTH: 12 Jan 1861 London

DEATH: 19 Dec 1937 Middlesex, England


MOTHER: Susannah Lingley

NAME: Mary Susan Curtis

BIRTH: 21 Jan 1850 Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts

DEATH: 11 Jan 1922 Norfolk, Madison, Nebraska, USA

FATHER: John Harvey Curtis

MOTHER: Margaret Rebecca Moffit or Moffett

NAME: Mary Ethel Curtis

BIRTH: 04 Apr 1900 Pocahontas County, West Virginia, USA

DEATH: 28 Jun 1973 Randolph County, West Virginia, USA

FATHER: Charles Lewis Curtis

MOTHER: Nannie C Beverage

NAME: Mary Delilah Curtis

BIRTH: 13 May 1851 Born, Cherokee, North Carolina, USA

DEATH: 15 August 1941 Seattle, King, Washington, USA

FATHER: Moses A Curtis

MOTHER: Harriett A Huckabee or Huckaby

NAME: Mary Dorothy Curtis

BIRTH: 1726/06/08 Topsfield,Essex,Massachusetts,USA

DEATH: 1799/06/28 Sutton,Worcester,Massachusetts,USA

FATHER: Samuel Curtis


NAME: Mary Delight Curtis

BIRTH: 7 Apr 1847 Indiana

DEATH: 23 May 1876 Wabash, Indiana, USA

FATHER: Alfred Curtis

MOTHER: Ann Minnick

NAME: Mary Ann Catherine Curtis

BIRTH: 6 Nov 1892 Newcastle Upon Tyne

DEATH: 19 Dec 1974 St Pancras, London, England

FATHER: William Curtis

MOTHER: Mary Ann Richards

NAME: Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Curtis

BIRTH: 27 May 1920 Crawford, Dawes, Nebraska, USA

DEATH: 23 Jan 2014 Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho, USA

FATHER: Roy Churchill Curtis

MOTHER: Minnie J Clements

NAME: Mary Josephine Curtis

BIRTH: 17 Sep 1852 Aurora, Erie County, NY

DEATH: 1931/01/13 oneida nemeha kansas

FATHER: Charles W Curtis

MOTHER: Mary H. Curtis

NAME: Mary Martha Curtis

BIRTH: 4 Jul 1864 Stour Provost, Dorset, England

DEATH: 25 Jan 1958 Bournemouth, Hampshire, England

FATHER: Edward Martin Curtis

MOTHER: Ellen Drusilla Miles

NAME: Mary Della Curtis

BIRTH: 16 November 1893 McMinn County, Tennessee, United States of America

DEATH: 29 Nov 1969 Jasper County, Georgia

FATHER: William A Curtis

MOTHER: Rebecca Filyaw

NAME: Mary Lillian Curtis

BIRTH: 08/22/1905 Chickasaw Nation, Tyrola, Indian Territory, Oklahoma

DEATH: 29 Jan 1991 Hanford, Kings County, California

FATHER: Green Berry (George Barton) Curtis

MOTHER: Rebecca Beckie Celenda Bagby

NAME: Mary Jane Curtis

BIRTH: 1873 Adelaide Lead, Vic, Australia

DEATH: 24/09/1949 North Perth

FATHER: William George Curtis

MOTHER: Ellen Rose Dempster

NAME: Mary Susan Curtis

BIRTH: 6 March 1878 Fallsville, Newton County, Arkansas

DEATH: 30 Aug 1961 Clarksville, Johnson County, Arkansas, USA

FATHER: Amos Ferguson Curtis

MOTHER: Cecelia "Celia" Daniels


BIRTH: 4 MAY 1940 Greensboro H, Alabama

DEATH: 15 Jul 2000 Bronx, Bronx, New York, United States of America

FATHER: Benjamin Curtis


NAME: Mary Wycoff Curtis

BIRTH: Abt. 1872 New Jersey, USA

DEATH: 10 Apr 1931 Kings County, New York, USA

FATHER: John Albert Vincent Curtis

MOTHER: Gertrude Marie Van Tine

NAME: Mary Louise Curtis

BIRTH: 6 Aug 1876 Boston, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States

DEATH: 4 Jan 1970 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

FATHER: Cyrus Hermann Kotzschmar Curtis

MOTHER: Louisa Knapp


BIRTH: 16 May 1825 Auburn, Cayuga, New York, USA

DEATH: 06 May 1901 Washington DC, District of Columbia, USA

FATHER: Roswell Curtis

MOTHER: Elizabeth Wells