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NAME: Mary Warren Jenks

BIRTH: 26 Nov 1878 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA

DEATH: 14 Jan 1972 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA

FATHER: Charles L Jenks

MOTHER: Lucinda Peirce Merrihew

NAME: Mary Ann Jenks

BIRTH: 20 JUL 1821 Auburn, NY

DEATH: 30 NOV 1903 Plymouth, MI

FATHER: Olney Jenks

MOTHER: Hannah Hungerford

NAME: Mary Ellen (Molly) Jenks

BIRTH: 20 Feb 1927 Garland, McDowell, West Virginia, United States

DEATH: 28 Aug 2005 Moneta, Bedford, Virginia, USA

FATHER: Henry Jenks

MOTHER: Lillian Abbott

NAME: Mary Salome Jenks

BIRTH: 22 nov 1864 Caldwell, Warren, New York

DEATH: 13 Jan 1923 Johnsburg, Warren County, NY

FATHER: Alexander Jenks

MOTHER: Aldula Anne Hitchcock

NAME: Mary Jenks

BIRTH: abt 1825 Darlaston, Staffordshire, England

DEATH: 12 Dec 1900 Poplar, London, England, United Kingdom

FATHER: William Jenks

MOTHER: Sarah Howl

NAME: Mary Jenks

BIRTH: 18 Jan 1846 Darlaston, Staffordshire, England

DEATH: 07 Nov 1876 Darlaston, Staffordshire, England

FATHER: John Jenks

MOTHER: Nancy Ann Foster

NAME: Mary Ellen Jenks

BIRTH: 28 NOV 1865 Wabash Co, IN

DEATH: OCT 1950 Miami Co, IN

FATHER: Samuel G Jinks

MOTHER: Nancy Jane Sherwood

NAME: Mary Jane Jenks

BIRTH: 14 March 1826 Jenksville, Tioga County, New York, USA

DEATH: December 11, 1892 Berkshire, Tioga County, New York

FATHER: Calvin P Jenks

MOTHER: Annis Ellen Brown

NAME: Mary Ann Jenks

BIRTH: 16 Aug 1835 Mexico, Oswego, New York, USA

DEATH: 22 March 1926 St Joseph, Berrien, Michigan, USA

FATHER: Chancey Whitney

MOTHER: Caroline Matilda Craig

NAME: Mary A Jenks

BIRTH: 14 Mar 1861 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England

DEATH: Jun 1945 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, , England

FATHER: John Jenks

MOTHER: Mary Ann Worth

NAME: Mary Jenks

BIRTH: 13 Jan 1766 Shifnal, Shropshire, , England

DEATH: January 1849 Shropshire, United Kingdom

FATHER: William or John Jenks

MOTHER: Anne Davis

NAME: Mary Burkett Jenks

BIRTH: 14 Sep 1878 Calhoun, Florida, United States

DEATH: 23 Sep 1932 Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama, USA

FATHER: Robert Jefferson (Jeff) Jenks

MOTHER: Henrietta Jane Wilbern

NAME: Mary Willie Jenks

BIRTH: 02 Jan 1873 Worth, Missouri, USA

DEATH: 1959

FATHER: Silas Draper Jenks


NAME: Mary Ann Jenks

BIRTH: 19 May 1824 Darian, Genesee, New York, USA

DEATH: 13 Feb 1883 Polk Township, Benton, Iowa, USA

FATHER: Obediah Jenks

MOTHER: Cleora Worden

NAME: Mary Etheridge Jenks

BIRTH: 11 August 1834 Birmingham, Oakland Co, Michigan Territory

DEATH: 12 January 1873 Bloomfield, Oakland, MI

FATHER: Orren Jenks

MOTHER: Hannah Wolfers

NAME: Mary J Jenks

BIRTH: abt 1871 United States

DEATH: 20 JAN 1937 Caroline , Thomkins, NY

FATHER: Byron J Jenks

MOTHER: Mary Clara Haynes

NAME: Mary Isabelle Jenks

BIRTH: 10 Sep 1907 Connellsville, Fayette, Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH: May 1974 Washington, District of Columbia, District of Columbia, USA

FATHER: John Stanley Jenks

MOTHER: Mary Stewart

NAME: Mary Elizabeth Jenks

BIRTH: 11 Dec 1843 Bloomfield, Oakland, MI, USA

DEATH: 20 Oct 1921 Grand Rapids, Kent, MI, USA

FATHER: Smith Jenks


NAME: Mary M Jenks

BIRTH: Abt. 1817 Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA

DEATH: Abt. 1846 Preempton, Mercer County, Illinois, USA

FATHER: Jacob Jenks

MOTHER: Mary "Polly" Mcfarland

NAME: Mary Faunteroy Jenks

BIRTH: 24 Dec 1885 Campbell County, Virginia, USA

DEATH: 7 May 1964 High Point, Guilford, North Carolina, USA

FATHER: Reverend James A Jenks

MOTHER: Harriet Cobbs Slaughter

NAME: Mary Grace Jenks

BIRTH: 17 Jul 1895 Tangent, Linn, Oregon

DEATH: 1 Mar 1962 Benton County, Oregon

FATHER: Floyd Byron Jenks

MOTHER: Mary Belle Owenby

NAME: Mary 'Minnie' E. Jenks

BIRTH: Mar 1859 Crawford Co Wisconsin

DEATH: bef 1910 Wyoming, USA

FATHER: Isaac Riley Jenks

MOTHER: Mary E Sawyer

NAME: Mary Jenks

BIRTH: Feb 1840 Lee Brockhurst, Shropshire, England

DEATH: July 1913 Wem, Shropshire

FATHER: Thomas Jenks

MOTHER: Sarah Davies

NAME: Mary Estella Jenks

BIRTH: 25 Apr 1888 Wasbash County, North Manchester, Inciana

DEATH: 17 Jul 1977 Arcadia, CA, Lakeside Cemetery

FATHER: Mason Jasper Jenks

MOTHER: Rosa Smith

NAME: Mary Ella Jenks

BIRTH: 31 Aug 1854 Central Falls, Providence, R.I

DEATH: May 24, 1923 RI

FATHER: Stephen Arnold (631) Jenks

MOTHER: Mary Conroy